YouTube removes Bolsonaro videos for Covid misinformation

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image captionMr Bolsonaro has criticised lockdowns and spoken retired against the usage of masks

YouTube says it has removed videos posted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, due to the fact that they dispersed misinformation astir coronavirus.

The tech elephantine said its determination was not based connected ideology oregon politics, but connected its contented policies.

Since the commencement of the pandemic, Mr Bolsonaro has spoken retired against lockdowns, masks and vaccinations.

The president's bureau has not commented connected YouTube's decision, which affects 15 videos, section media say.

His transmission features play nationalist addresses, and conversations with ministers astir assorted issues - immoderate of which are live-streamed.

According to quality outlet O Globo, 1 video shows Eduardo Pazuello, Brazil's erstwhile wellness minister, comparing coronavirus with Aids.

"Post-HIV pandemic, HIV continues to exist. There are inactive immoderate who are contaminated, astir are treated, and beingness goes on," said Mr Pazuello.

In different video of a CNN broadcast, a Brazilian doc recommended hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin arsenic treatments against Covid-19.

YouTube said it does not let contented connected its level that promotes either substance arsenic an effectual treatment.

It besides said its rules forbid videos that accidental masks bash not assistance to forestall the dispersed of the virus.

media captionLooking aft the babies and children successful Brazil's Covid ICU

This is not the archetypal clip that President Bolsonaro's online contented has been removed from large integer platforms due to the fact that of argumentation violations.

Last twelvemonth Twitter and Facebook took down videos of Mr Bolsonaro railing against societal distancing measures, and claiming that precocious lawsuit numbers would marque Brazil immune to Covid.

During the pandemic Brazil has grappled with 1 of the world's largest and deadliest outbreaks of coronavirus, and the president has faced mounting disapproval for his handling of the crisis.

In April, Brazil's legislature launched an authoritative enquiry which could perchance pb to Mr Bolsonaro's impeachment.

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