What happens if the Taliban wins in Afghanistan?

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“Is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan inevitable?”

That’s the question a newsman put to President Joe Biden this week astatine a property league connected the US’s drawdown successful Afghanistan.

“No, it is not,” Biden said, noting that Afghan authorities troops greatly outnumber the Taliban and are “as well-equipped arsenic immoderate service successful the world.”

That whitethorn beryllium true, but numbers unsocial don’t archer the full story. The Taliban has rapidly expanded its territorial control implicit the past week and is closing in connected the capital, Kabul. On Monday, much than 1,000 Afghan soldiers reportedly fled into neighboring Tajikistan to flight a Taliban advance. A US quality appraisal has said the Afghan authorities could autumn successful six months erstwhile US and different planetary troops leave.

It makes it hard to spot a Taliban takeover arsenic thing different than highly likely, if not genuinely inevitable. For that reason, it’s worthy reasoning astir what it would really mean if that were to happen. What does that look like? And however should the Biden medication respond?

I spoke with Madiha Afzal, a chap astatine the Brookings Institution deliberation vessel and an adept connected the region, to speech done immoderate of these questions.

Afzal’s not needfully convinced that a afloat Taliban takeover is imminent. “It could hap down the road, but not without immoderate important fighting,” she told me. But, she said, “The cardinal question facing the Biden medication is, immoderate authorities setup emerges successful Afghanistan, volition it airs a menace to the US?”

Our conversation, edited for magnitude and clarity, is below.

Jen Kirby

I cognize it’s a precise analyzable concern connected the crushed successful Afghanistan, but tin you springiness a basal overview of the scenery close present arsenic the US withdraws?

Madiha Afzal

I deliberation galore of america feared that with withdrawal, without a bid woody betwixt the Taliban and Kabul, the astir apt result would beryllium immoderate benignant of a civilian war. Not needfully an imminent Taliban takeover, but a civilian warfare that could beryllium a protracted one.

Now, fixed the losses that Afghan information forces person suffered successful the past fewer days aft US forces departed the Bagram Air Base, those accelerated losses person led immoderate to judge it’s lone a substance of clip earlier the Taliban takes implicit — and, successful fact, that subject takeover mightiness beryllium much likely, that the combat volition soon determination to provincial capitals and cities and the Afghan information forces volition person the aforesaid benignant of losses they’ve faced implicit the past fewer days.

But that whitethorn not needfully beryllium the case. It could beryllium that the combat is stronger successful Afghan cities, provincial capitals, surely successful Kabul. There’s besides the question of what happens if the Taliban gets to Kabul and tries to instrumentality implicit Kabul. Does the US measurement successful in immoderate way? Do NATO forces measurement successful in immoderate way? That’s a question that was raised, at slightest successful immoderate caller reporting.

So I deliberation the astir apt result is warring that volition soon determination to Afghanistan’s provincial capitals. But it doesn’t needfully mean that a afloat Taliban takeover is imminent. It could hap down the road, but not without immoderate important fighting.

Jen Kirby

As you said, it’s hard to cognize what volition happen. But, from the US perspective, is that the cardinal goal? To support the cardinal authorities and Afghan information forces intact? Or bash you deliberation the US authorities is reasoning astir the strategy otherwise arsenic it leaves?

Madiha Afzal

That reasoning is astir apt inactive evolving arsenic the US views what is happening. I deliberation an eventual outcome, if 1 thinks astir it — and this could beryllium down the roadworthy — could beryllium a portion of Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban, and 1 portion of it, perhaps, ruled by a authorities that is friendlier to the United States.

Would the US measurement successful in immoderate mode to debar Kabul being taken implicit by the Taliban? I deliberation that’s a question. In each the discussions that the US has been having with Pakistan and different countries trying to found over-the-horizon counterterrorism capabilities, we don’t truly person a satisfactory reply there, I deliberation due to the fact that thing has truly been decided.

With each those discussions, to me, the cardinal question facing the Biden medication is, immoderate authorities setup emerges successful Afghanistan, volition it airs a menace to the US?

Even if it’s implicit — let’s spell to the utmost — adjacent if it’s a implicit Taliban takeover, does it airs a menace to the United States oregon not? The US doesn’t person to springiness it aid. The US doesn’t person to springiness it legitimacy. The US whitethorn adjacent authorisation it. It has definite tools. But if it exists, similar it did successful the 1990s, does it springiness haven to al-Qaeda? Does it let its ungraded to beryllium utilized to onslaught the United States?

That’s erstwhile this authorities becomes a occupation for the United States. So if it’s a tiny portion of Afghanistan, oregon a important portion of Afghanistan, that is being ruled by a Taliban government, again, the aforesaid question arises.

Jen Kirby

So the question is not truthful overmuch whether oregon not the Taliban volition instrumentality over, but alternatively successful what form, and if it acts similar a rogue actor. But if the Taliban doesn’t, say, springiness harmless harbor to terrorists, past the US whitethorn not beryllium arsenic concerned, adjacent if that’s an uncomfortable presumption aft 20 years of nation-building.

Madiha Afzal

Exactly. President Biden has been talking astir the violent menace from Afghanistan being a cardinal concern. He alludes to that repeatedly, saying, basically, “Look, the violent menace has morphed, it has gone elsewhere.” So, astatine slightest for his administration, the cardinal question astir the Taliban’s ascendance would be: What benignant of menace does it airs to the US?

Jen Kirby

This whitethorn beryllium an intolerable question to answer, but bash we person a consciousness of what the Taliban mightiness do, learning the lessons of 20 years? Perhaps they’re little anxious to big terrorists? Or possibly not?

Madiha Afzal

The reply to that is astir apt a small spot mixed, and possibly not satisfactory due to the fact that determination is simply a batch we don’t know. The Taliban is bully astatine rhetoric. It’s bully astatine propaganda. What it says is not what really happens.

We should beryllium precise wary erstwhile it comes to the Taliban. There’s besides a disagreement betwixt the Taliban governmental enactment — which seems to cognize however to usage rhetoric and propaganda — versus agrarian Taliban oregon ft soldiers who a) judge successful the aforesaid draconian, regressive forms of governance they did successful the 1990s, and b) judge that they’ve won a jihadist victory. And this means you don’t compromise, going backmost to the mode things were successful the 1990s.

The Taliban governmental enactment isn’t afloat wide connected what it wants successful presumption of girls’ education, women going to work, and truthful on. It has conscionable said it’s going to beryllium successful enactment with Islam.

I deliberation we ought to beryllium wary of however overmuch the Taliban has changed. That being said, they look to bask planetary legitimacy. Now, whether that’s conscionable due to the fact that they privation to usage that to marque the US get retired of Afghanistan and past fundamentally spell backmost to the ways of the 1990s, that could be.

They’re connected a diplomatic circuit of sorts, having conscionable gone to Iran. They sometimes sojourn Pakistan. They’re making relationships with different countries, it seems, and countries beyond those they were successful interaction with successful the 1990s.

So volition they privation to beryllium a pariah state, isolated arsenic they were successful the ’90s? I’m not rather definite astir that. They surely privation to afloat instrumentality implicit Afghanistan astatine immoderate cost. What they privation aft that, successful presumption of their narration with different countries and their planetary status, that’s thing wherever radical think, “Maybe we tin get them to mean based connected their tendency for planetary legitimacy.”

That’s the unfastened question. I americium severely skeptical of that.

Jen Kirby

That makes maine deliberation of the US bid woody with the Taliban, brokered nether the Trump administration, which seemed to springiness the Taliban the benignant of legitimacy it craved. Was that, successful retrospect, a turning constituent for the Taliban? Did that person immoderate influence?

Madiha Afzal

Absolutely. I deliberation the US-Taliban woody signed successful Doha gave the Taliban much legitimacy than thing until then. The Taliban has been gathering connected that legitimacy since then. The information that the Afghan authorities successful Kabul wasn’t adjacent enactment to that deal, that the US agreed with the Taliban connected things that it past got the Afghan authorities to do, such arsenic the merchandise of prisoners. These are each things that truly bolstered the Taliban, whether we similar it oregon not.

And, successful immoderate sense, it’s go an histrion that is overmuch much assured successful itself aft that. People speech astir Pakistan utilizing its leverage implicit the Taliban. Well, a batch of different actors present person little leverage implicit the Taliban to get them to bash what they privation due to the fact that the Taliban has been granted this planetary legitimacy, by the US much than anyone else.

Jen Kirby

So from a US standpoint, bash you effort to leverage that? Now that you’ve had these negotiations with the Taliban, bash you effort to enactment the gears diplomatically and effort to engage?

Madiha Afzal

Sadly, I deliberation an unconditional withdrawal fundamentally makes the bid process redundant. The Taliban has shown that by its subject strategy since.

Where our leverage existed was successful this small clip play that we had betwixt the Doha woody being signed and our last withdrawal. So, to me, our troops — arsenic cynical arsenic that sounds — are wherever the leverage laic due to the fact that that’s what the Taliban wanted. It wanted US troops to leave. But it didn’t person to assistance the US anything. It didn’t person to bash thing to get the troops to leave, truthful we mislaid that leverage by the unconditional withdrawal that the president announced successful April.

Jen Kirby

So fundamentally the US said, “Do those things and we’ll leave.” And past they didn’t and we near anyway, but we inactive privation them to bash those things.

Madiha Afzal

Exactly. So you tin spot however the incentives autumn distant for the Taliban.

Jen Kirby

Does the US, bash you think, inactive person to instrumentality the pb erstwhile it comes to the aboriginal of Afghanistan? Or bash you deliberation it volition displacement elsewhere, possibly to NATO oregon the United Nations?

Madiha Afzal

I deliberation the Biden medication has been trying to say, “Look, determination countries person a work here, and they truly request to measurement up.” Pakistan, Russia, China — evidently Turkey’s important, India. That’s wherever the Biden medication is pointing the finger. It depends connected the outcomes. But I deliberation there’s a superior credibility occupation for the US if it conscionable looks away.

President Biden has, in presumption of promising assistance, fundamentally said, “This is simply a caller section wherever the concern is not a subject one, but we volition beryllium determination for you successful different ways.” I deliberation the US feels immoderate load of work and, I think, volition not look distant wholly — though the Biden medication would astir apt similar to absorption connected different things.

I deliberation this is an medication that does attraction astir its cognition successful the world, and does not privation to beryllium thought of arsenic abandoning Afghanistan. But whether that successful signifier has immoderate large effect beyond — not needfully articulator service, but rhetorical support, we’ll person to see.

Jen Kirby

I’m wondering if determination is different mode to support immoderate of the gains successful Afghanistan, particularly astir quality rights, but possibly not astir the paradigm of a centrally functioning Afghan government. Is determination specified an attack for the US to take?

Madiha Afzal

The US cannot beryllium the 1 to prolong a centrally functioning authorities successful Afghanistan. Again, Biden talked astir that rather candidly, saying it’s precise difficult. So however tin those gains beryllium protected? I deliberation the US is banking connected — benignant of pun intended — assistance: security, financial, economic, humanitarian, each sorts of assistance. And that the Taliban will, militarily, look pushback.

So possibly it is looking astatine immoderate result wherever determination could beryllium a decentralized framework, wherever the cities person a antithetic set-up versus the agrarian areas, and ample swaths of the state are ruled by the Taliban.

All of this volition truly beryllium connected however things spell militarily — whether the Afghan information forces are truly capable to enactment up a combat successful those areas. Because retrieve that galore of the gains we speech astir — schools, employment — these were felt and seen successful the municipality areas and not successful the agrarian areas. So successful immoderate sense, the agrarian areas being taken implicit by the Taliban whitethorn get immoderate measurement of stableness successful immoderate signifier due to the fact that the warring stops.

And truthful what happens to the municipality areas? Is determination a mode for the US to assistance the Afghans clasp onto those gains a small spot longer? There’s a conception of Afghan nine that doesn’t privation to fto those gains go. I besides cognize that galore of them are leaving. It’s a precise dynamic situation.

So that 1 is hard to speech astir without knowing however things are going to spell militarily. There is simply a spot of a wait-and-see attack due to the fact that the assistance announced is what it is. Given that and fixed the warring powerfulness of the Afghan information forces, tin they enactment up a fight?

Jen Kirby

Do you deliberation determination is immoderate script wherever the US would recommit oregon intervene militarily successful Afghanistan to bash that?

Madiha Afzal

That’s a large question — the million-dollar question. People person talked about, well, if an ISIS-like concern emerges, arsenic with post-Iraq withdrawal and the emergence of ISIS. That’s not what we are needfully disquieted astir successful Afghanistan. I deliberation the coercion menace that emerges from Afghanistan volition not beryllium thing we spot successful the abbreviated term. It’s not going to beryllium quick.

The interest is that erstwhile the Taliban has taken implicit immoderate parts of Afghanistan [and US troops person left], they commencement to fto al-Qaeda oregon different violent groups bash what they want, and past al-Qaeda regroups oregon different violent groups [get stronger], and past possibly statesman posing a menace to the United States. That’s the worry.

In that case, though, the US assumes counterterrorism capabilities are going to beryllium enough. So, honestly, successful this administration, I don’t truly spot that happening. I don’t spot the US subject becoming progressive again successful Afghanistan.

Jen Kirby

It does look precise bleak, if I’m being honest. If determination is simply a best-case script for Afghanistan close now, adjacent against agelong odds?

Madiha Afzal

Up to the US-Taliban woody signed successful Doha, I thought possibly we could really get a decent woody signed. That was a beauteous atrocious woody to statesman with. Once it was signed, things person conscionable been downhill from there. So I thought things looked bleak successful February 2020.

They look acold worse now. I americium wary capable of the Taliban that I don’t spot immoderate grounds that they volition either spell for a bid woody oregon alteration their ways, not privation a subject takeover. I deliberation possibly the anticipation — and anticipation is not a strategy — the anticipation lies successful possibly the Afghan authorities and information forces being capable to muster thing up to clasp them back. And I’m precise sadly watching with worry.

Jen Kirby

Even successful that scenario, it seems arsenic if it volition conscionable make much fighting, much violence, which volition beryllium felt by the radical of Afghanistan.

Madiha Afzal

That’s perfectly right. In the mean term, that conscionable means bloodshed.

I can’t ideate what those successful Afghanistan are reasoning astir the future. It requires a batch of bravery conscionable to beryllium there, conscionable to proceed to spell connected doing the jobs they’re doing. Women journalists successful peculiar — so galore attacked successful the past fewer months. Going to schoolhouse whitethorn mean you don’t spell home. It’s conscionable horrible.

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