Utah woman faces possible prison time for trashing pro-police sign

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A Utah pistillate faces hate crime-related charges that could nonstop her to situation for a twelvemonth aft she allegedly stomped connected a pro-police motion and smirked successful an “intimidating manner” astatine a lawman who gave her person a speeding ticket.

The charges stem from an incidental that occurred astatine a state presumption successful Panguitch, Utah, connected July 7, erstwhile a Garfield County sheriff’s lawman pulled the suspect’s person implicit for speeding.

The suspect, 19, was consoling her person astir the summons erstwhile she allegedly tried to “intimidate” the sheriff’s lawman by destroying a motion that work “Back the Blue,” according to charging documents obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune.

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“I observed 1 of the friends … stomping connected a ‘Back the Blue’ motion adjacent to wherever the postulation halt was conducted, crumple it up successful a destructive mode and propulsion it into a trash can,” the lawman wrote successful the charging papers obtained by the Daily Beast.

He added that she did each this “while smirking successful an intimidating mode toward me.”

The serviceman did not backmost down from the “intimidating” smirk, according to the document. Instead, helium work the pistillate her Miranda rights and asked wherever she got the sign. She initially claimed that she got it from her ma earlier acknowledging that she recovered it connected the ground, according to the deputy.

The lawman said it looked similar a motion issued by his sheriff’s office, truthful helium arrested her for “destroying spot that did not beryllium to her successful a mode to effort to intimidate instrumentality enforcement.”

The pistillate has been charged with disorderly behaviour and transgression mischief with a hatred transgression enhancement, which includes a maximum condemnation of a twelvemonth successful jail.

The hatred transgression enhancement was added due to the fact that the pistillate was allegedly trying to “intimidate oregon terrorize” the officer, the charging papers said. “Intimidate oregon terrorize” means causing a idiosyncratic to fearfulness for their information oregon causing harm to the spot of that idiosyncratic oregon another, according to Utah’s hatred transgression statute for civilian rights violations.

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The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the region attorney’s bureau person not commented connected the motion case.

The fishy has not been identified.

It’s not the archetypal clip that idiosyncratic has faced a hatred transgression enhancement for vandalizing pro-police signs successful the county. Last year, a 32-year-old was charged with a hatred transgression aft helium utilized pinkish spray-paint to edit a “Back the Blue” motion successful Garfield County, truthful that it work “Back the Bisexual.”

The antheral yet pleaded blameworthy to a graffiti complaint successful the case. He spent 2 days successful jail, paid a $500 fine, wrote an apology missive and agreed to 12 months of probation.

“You travel into my region and destruct our treasures — whether it’s a bridge, a monument oregon thing other — you volition beryllium arrested and charged,” Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins told the St. George News astatine the time.

Police person faced wide backlash successful the United States and Canada implicit the past year, dating backmost to the execution of George Floyd by constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin past May. Some conservatives person responded to the Black Lives Matter backlash by rallying astir constabulary with slogans specified arsenic “Back the Blue” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

The hostility betwixt constabulary and activists has boiled implicit successful galore places, including Utah, wherever authorities person utilized statutes to heighten the imaginable jailhouse clip for anti-police protesters.

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Last year, for example, a pistillate faced beingness successful situation for buying reddish overgarment that was aboriginal splashed connected the Salt Lake County territory attorney’s bureau during a BLM demonstration. Authorities utilized a gang-related enhancement to summation the imaginable penalty.

She yet agreed to wage $100,000 successful damages arsenic portion of a plea woody successful the case.

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