US city removes flashpoint statues including Confederate generals

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, United States: The confederate US metropolis of Charlottesville connected Saturday (Jul 10) took down arguable statues including 2 honoring Civil War pro-slavery generals which had go the absorption of protests.

The statues of generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson are among hundreds of Confederate monuments successful the United States present wide considered symbols of racism, adjacent if their supporters reason they are a humanities legacy.

Workers successful the Virginia metropolis utilized a crane to region the statues - which depicted Lee and Jackson successful azygous mounted connected horses - as a assemblage watched and cheered. No unit was instantly reported.

"Taking down this statue is 1 tiny measurement person to the extremity of helping Charlottesville, Virginia, and America, grapple with the misdeed of being consenting to destruct Black radical for economical gain," Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker, who is African American, told reporters earlier the monuments' removal.

Tensions implicit the destiny of the Lee statue led to unit successful August 2017, erstwhile a achromatic nationalist drove his car into a assemblage of demonstrators successful Charlottesville, sidesplitting a woman.

The protesters had gathered successful absorption to achromatic supremacists who staged a "Unite the Right" rally against plans to region the statue of Lee.

Then-president Donald Trump came nether occurrence erstwhile helium said afterward that determination were "very good radical connected some sides" of the protests.

Workers region   the statue of Confederate wide   Robert E. Lee from a parkland  successful  the confederate  US city Workers region the statue of Confederate wide Robert E. Lee from a parkland successful the confederate US metropolis of Charlottesville, wherever it had been the focal constituent of protests AFP/Ryan M. Kelly

The Charlottesville unit gave caller beingness to a run to region Confederate symbols which archetypal gained momentum pursuing the June 2015 murders successful South Carolina of 9 achromatic churchgoers by an avowed achromatic supremacist.

The run picked up again pursuing the May 25, 2020 decease of George Floyd, an African American killed by a achromatic constabulary serviceman successful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During the 1861-1865 Civil War, the Confederate South seceded from the United States and fought to support slavery, which the remainder of the state had abolished.

Defenders of preserving the Confederate symbols person argued that they service arsenic a reminder of a arrogant Southern heritage, and accidental removing them is erasing history.

According to historians, however, astir of the Confederate monuments dotting the confederate United States were erected during the Jim Crow epoch of radical segregation and successful effect to the civilian rights movement.


Charlottesville's metropolis assembly besides voted successful an exigency gathering Saturday to region a statue of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and their Native American usher Sacagawea.

The depiction had drawn disapproval for what immoderate saw arsenic a demeaning portrayal of Sacagawea, who is crouching astatine the men's feet and looking astatine the ground, and officials took vantage of the disposable instrumentality and unit to instrumentality it down, metropolis spokesperson Brian Wheeler told AFP.

Sacagawea assisted Lewis and Clark connected their 1804-1806 expedition from the Mississippi River successful Missouri to the Pacific Ocean, crossing territory mostly occupied by Native Americans.

Virginia's flagship assemblage besides joined in, confirming it would connected Sunday statesman a task to region a statue of George Rogers Clark.

George Rogers Clark was William Clark's older member and fought against the British service and its Native American allies during the Revolutionary War, seizing swaths of Native territory for the young nation.

"The statue volition beryllium placed into retention arsenic the University (of Virginia) continues to enactment with a committee to find a suitable location," a schoolhouse spokesperson told AFP.

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