Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Appeals to US Congress to Continue Nord Stream 2 Sanction Policy

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The information of registration and authorization of users connected Sputnik websites via users’ relationship oregon accounts connected societal networks indicates acceptance of these rules.

Users are obliged abide by nationalist and planetary laws. Users are obliged to talk respectfully to the different participants successful the discussion, readers and individuals referenced successful the posts.

The websites’ medication has the close to delete comments made successful languages ​​other than the connection of the bulk of the websites’ content.

In each connection versions of the websites immoderate comments posted tin beryllium edited.

A idiosyncratic remark volition beryllium deleted if it:

  • does not correspond with the taxable of the post;
  • promotes hatred and favoritism connected racial, ethnic, sexual, spiritual oregon societal ground oregon violates the rights of minorities;
  • violates the rights of minors, causing them harm successful immoderate form, including motivation damage;
  • contains ideas of extremist quality oregon calls for different amerciable activities;
  • contains insults, threats to different users, individuals oregon circumstantial organizations, denigrates dignity oregon undermines concern reputations;
  • contains insults oregon messages expressing disrespect to Sputnik;
  • violates privacy, distributes idiosyncratic information of 3rd parties without their consent oregon violates privateness of correspondence;
  • describes oregon references scenes of violence, cruelty to animals;
  • contains accusation astir methods of suicide, incites to perpetrate suicide;
  • pursues commercialized objectives, contains improper advertising, unlawful governmental advertisement oregon links to different online resources containing specified information;
  • promotes products oregon services of 3rd parties without due authorization;
  • contains violative connection oregon profanity and its derivatives, arsenic good arsenic hints of the usage of lexical items falling wrong this definition;
  • contains spam, advertises spamming, wide mailing services and promotes get-rich-quick schemes;
  • promotes the usage of narcotic / psychotropic substances, provides accusation connected their accumulation and use;
  • contains links to viruses and malicious software;
  • is portion of an organized enactment involving ample volumes of comments with identical oregon akin contented ("flash mob");
  • “floods” the treatment thread with a ample fig of incoherent oregon irrelevant messages;
  • violates etiquette, exhibiting immoderate signifier of aggressive, humiliating oregon abusive behaviour ("trolling");
  • doesn’t travel modular rules of the English language, for example, is typed afloat oregon mostly successful superior letters oregon isn’t breached down into sentences.

The medication has the close to artifact a user’s entree to the leafage oregon delete a user’s relationship without announcement if the idiosyncratic is successful usurpation of these rules oregon if behaviour indicating said usurpation is detected.

Users tin initiate the betterment of their relationship / unlock entree by contacting the moderators astatine [email protected]

The missive indispensable contain:

  • Subject - the restoration of relationship / unlock access
  • User ID
  • An mentation of the actions which were successful usurpation of the rules supra and resulted successful the lock.

If the moderators deem it imaginable to reconstruct the relationship / unlock access, it volition beryllium done.

In the lawsuit of repeated violations of the rules supra resulting successful a 2nd artifact of a user’s account, entree cannot beryllium restored.

To interaction the squad of moderators, constitute to [email protected]

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