Tokyo hotel apologises for 'Japanese only' elevator signs

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TOKYO (Reuters) - A Tokyo edifice has apologised and removed signs saying "Japanese only" and "foreigners only" from elevators aft the anti-COVID-19 precaution sparked outrage connected societal media up of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Tokyo entered a authorities of exigency connected Monday amid concerns that an influx of tens of thousands of athletes and officials during the July 23-August 8 Games volition dispersed the coronavirus, cases of which are already rising successful the Japanese capital.

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu successful downtown Tokyo enactment up the signs connected Friday successful effect to guidance from Tokyo 2020 organisers to guarantee the movements of guests related to the Games were separated from others staying astatine the hotel, a edifice authoritative told Reuters connected Monday.

The official, who declined to beryllium identified due to the fact that of the sensitivity of the subject, said determination was nary volition to discriminate against foreigners.

"We tried to marque it casual to recognize but ended up causing misunderstanding," the authoritative said. He said the signs were removed connected Sunday greeting and the edifice was present discussing with its office what look to usage instead.

The signs triggered harsh disapproval connected societal media, with 1 Twitter idiosyncratic tweeting "Apartheid has been revived successful Japan".

Another likened the signs to U.S. "Jim Crow" measures, since struck down by courts, designed to support Blacks from voting successful the U.S. Deep South.

"The microorganism has thing to bash with nationality," tweeted Twitter idiosyncratic Anna.

Japan has not seen the explosive coronavirus outbreak seen elsewhere but has recorded much than 815,440 cases and astir 15,000 deaths. Tokyo unsocial recorded 614 caller cases connected Sunday, the 22nd consecutive time of week-on-week gains.

Japan's vaccination rollout got disconnected to a dilatory commencement and though it aboriginal accelerated, proviso glitches are causing it to stumble. Only astir 28% of the colonisation person received astatine slightest 1 vaccine shot.

(Reporting by Linda Sieg; Editing by Michael Perry)

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