Thousands at memorial for Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua

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Thousands astatine memorial for Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua

Thousands of Nigerians person been paying their past respects this week to Temitope Balogun Joshua, 1 of Africa’s astir fashionable televangelists, known arsenic T.B. Joshua.

The arguable Nigerian-born pastor died astir a period agone astatine the property of 57.

A memorial work was held for him Thursday astatine the auditorium of the Lagos office of the megachurch helium founded, Synagogue Church Of All Nations. The ceremonial was aired unrecorded by his Emmanuel Television Station.

Joshua’s body, dressed successful a achromatic suit and successful a transparent casket, was displayed arsenic mourners, galore weeping, filed past, including radical visiting from antithetic parts of the satellite to wage their respects.

Joshua was noted for making predictions and for his claims to cure assorted ailments and to marque radical prosper done miracles. He was, however, controversial, with critics questioning his claims of cures and alleging that helium profited from hopeless radical seeking hope.

More than 15,000 radical from Nigeria and overseas attended Joshua's Sunday services successful the stadium-like church, including galore African presidents, elder authorities officials, planetary shot players, musicians and different high-profile celebrities. Joshua's popularity reached crossed Africa and to South America wherever helium held galore spiritual crusades.

In September 2014, the impermanent location of the Lagos religion collapsed, sidesplitting much than 100 people, astir of them foreigners who were successful Nigeria to be his services.

While authorities accidental the gathering collapsed due to the fact that of structural defects, T.B. Joshua insisted the gathering was blown up by a tiny level that helium claimed flew implicit it soon earlier it tumbled down.

Tributes and services person been held each week. Joshua volition beryllium buried Friday. He is survived by his widow and 3 children.

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