Thirteen-year-old shot dead in New York gang attack

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A 13-year-old lad has been changeable and killed successful the latest outbreak of gun violence successful New York City this weekend.

The victim, Jaryan Elliot, was attacked extracurricular a Bronx cafe adjacent to his location connected Sunday afternoon.

According to the New York Times, Elliot was lasting extracurricular Angels Cafe erstwhile a gunman drove up successful a acheronian car, got out, and changeable him successful the thorax and the leg. About 8 rounds were fired, according to witnesses.

A cafe idiosyncratic said: “He came in, fell and died successful the restaurant. We didn’t spot what happened, though.”

Police officials accidental the sidesplitting was gang-related, and judge Elliot was the intended people of the shooting. The idiosyncratic helium was lasting with was not shot.

Officials expressed daze astatine the violence, peculiarly astatine the victim’s young age.

City Councilman Oswald J Feliz tweeted:’ A 13 twelvemonth aged ... We person to get superior and smarter connected crime! We cannot and volition not proceed to suffer our children!’

A 13 twelvemonth old. Will beryllium gathering with section leaders and the NYPD this week to sermon the rising transgression we’re seeing. We person to get superior and smarter connected crime! We cannot and volition not proceed to suffer our children!

— Oswald Feliz (@OswaldFeliz) July 11, 2021

He told the New York Times: “People are precise very acrophobic astir transgression successful their neighbourhoods. Crime is rising.”

According to the NYPD’s transgression figures, determination person been 765 shooting incidents truthful acold this year, with 886 shooting victims.

Chief Rodney Harrison, the main of section of the New York Police Department, tweeted: “Gang unit is plaguing #NYC and has to stop.” He went connected to inquire anyone with accusation connected the shooter to travel forward.

Anyone with accusation connected the individuality of the idiosyncratic liable is asked to telephone the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline astatine 800-577-TIPS.

Gang unit is plaguing #NYC and has to stop.

— Chief Rodney Harrison (@NYPDChiefOfDept) July 12, 2021

A memorial was acceptable up extracurricular the gathering wherever the unfortunate lived, with candles arranged successful the signifier of his initials – JE –  and handwritten notes of condolence.

Richie Madera, 20, told the New York Times helium had grown up with Elliot and spoken to him soon earlier the shooting. “I told him, ‘Be safe,’”  helium said. “He was a bully kid.”

So far, nary arrests person been made and the shooting is inactive being investigated.

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