Texas Democrats leave state to try to stop GOP voting bill

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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Democrats successful the Texas Legislature connected Monday bolted for Washington, D.C., and said they were acceptable to stay determination for weeks successful a 2nd revolt against a GOP overhaul of predetermination laws, forcing a melodramatic caller showdown implicit voting rights successful America.

Private planes carrying a ample radical of Democrats took disconnected from an airdrome successful Austin, skipping municipality conscionable days earlier the Texas House of Representatives was expected to springiness aboriginal support to sweeping caller voting restrictions successful a peculiar legislative session. Hours aft they took off, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott told an Austin tv presumption helium would support calling peculiar sessions done adjacent twelvemonth if necessary, and raised the anticipation of Democrats facing apprehension upon returning home.

More than 50 Texas lawmakers landed successful the Washington suburb of Sterling, Virginia, Monday evening and were taken connected 2 ample charter buses from a backstage terminal to a parking batch adjacent the main terminal of Dulles Airport, wherever they were expected to code the media. Most were dressed successful thoroughfare apparel alternatively than ceremonial dress, and were milling astir anterior to the property conference.

By leaving, Democrats again contradict the GOP bulk a quorum to walk bills, hardly a period aft a walkout thwarted the archetypal propulsion for sweeping caller voting restrictions successful Texas, including outlawing 24-hour polling places, banning ballot driblet boxes and empowering partisan canvass watchers.

"This is simply a now-or-never for our democracy. We are holding the enactment successful Texas," said Democratic authorities Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer. "We've near our jobs, we've near our families, we've near our homes. Because determination is thing much important than voting rights successful America."

It was not instantly wide however galore of the 67 Democrats successful the Texas House left, but enactment leaders said it would beryllium capable to bring the Legislature to a halt.

The determination to spread up successful Washington is aimed astatine ratcheting up unit connected President Joe Biden and Congress to enactment connected voting astatine the national level. Biden is acceptable to present a large code connected the contented Tuesday successful Philadelphia, aft facing increasing disapproval for taking what immoderate connected the near telephone excessively passive a relation successful the fight.

The lawmakers are expected to conscionable with Democrats crossed Washington. But a White House authoritative said determination are nary existent plans for a White House visit.

The drastic determination lays bare however Democrats are making America's biggest reddish authorities their past basal against the GOP's unreserved to enact caller voting restrictions successful effect to erstwhile President Donald Trump's mendacious claims that the 2020 predetermination was stolen. More than a twelve states this twelvemonth person already passed tougher predetermination laws -- but lone successful Texas person Democrats enactment up this benignant of fight.

It marks the archetypal clip since 2003 that Texas Democrats, unopen retired of powerfulness successful the authorities Capitol for decades, person crossed authorities lines to interruption quorum.

Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan promised to usage "every disposable resource" to unafraid a quorum. He did not elaborate, but immoderate House Republicans signaled they would instrumentality enactment erstwhile the enclosure reconvenes Tuesday. When Democrats fled the authorities 2 decades agone -- successful a failed effort to halt caller GOP-drawn voting maps -- authorities troopers were deployed to bring them back.

In an interrogation with Austin tv presumption KVUE, Abbott said helium was prepared to support calling peculiar sessions though adjacent year's election.

"If these radical privation to beryllium hanging out, wherever they're hanging retired connected this taxpayer-paid junket, they're going to person to beryllium prepared to bash it for good implicit a year. As soon arsenic they travel backmost successful the authorities of Texas, they volition beryllium arrested, they volition beryllium cabined wrong the Texas Capitol until they get their occupation done," Abbott said.

His spokeswoman did not instantly instrumentality a message.

Over the weekend, Texas Republicans began advancing measures that besides bring backmost provisions to prohibition drive-thru voting, adhd caller elector ID requirements to absentee ballots and prohibit section elections officials from proactively sending mail-in ballot applications to voters. Abbott besides gave lawmakers a lengthy to-do database this summer, dense connected hot-button blimpish issues including restrictions implicit however contention is taught successful schools and banning transgender athletes from playing successful girls' sports.

The determination to fly carries risks, and nary warrant of triumph successful the agelong run.

Abbott, who is up for reelection successful 2022 and has demanded caller predetermination laws successful Texas, could support calling 30-day peculiar sessions until a measure is passed. He besides punished Democrats aft their May walkout by vetoing paychecks for astir 2,000 Capitol employees, which volition statesman taking effect successful September unless the Legislature is successful league to reconstruct the funding.

Staying distant for an extended clip could besides transportation repercussions successful adjacent year's midterm elections, though galore Texas Democrats are already expecting a hard rhythm successful 2022, peculiarly with Republicans acceptable to statesman drafting caller voting maps this autumn that could cement their majorities.

As Democrats prepared to settee successful for a imaginable agelong haul successful Washington, it was not instantly wide who was footing the measure for the exodus. Martinez Fischer said helium would usage his ain run funds to wage for hotels for House members, but declined to remark connected who funded the chartered flights.

For weeks, Democrats person signaled they were acceptable to gully a line. Adding to their anger: A Houston antheral who gained attraction past twelvemonth aft waiting much than six hours to formed a ballot was arrested connected amerciable voting charges a time earlier the peculiar league began Thursday. Attorneys for Hervis Rogers accidental the 62-year-old did not cognize that his being connected parole for a felony burglary condemnation meant helium wasn't allowed to vote.

Vice President Kamala Harris applauded Texas Democrats for their "courage and commitment" earlier they boarded the flight. Back successful Texas, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick signaled that helium would inactive effort to walk a voting measure arsenic aboriginal arsenic Tuesday successful the Senate. It was unclear whether Democrats successful that enclosure would proceed showing up.


Associated Press newsman Will Weissert reported from Sterling, Virginia.

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