South Africa: Jacob Zuma confirmed to be in jail at Estcourt prison facility

3 weeks ago 21

Former South African president Jacob Zuma has been confirmed to beryllium successful jailhouse astatine the Estcourt Correctional Centre.

The embattled erstwhile president was brought to the reasonably caller correctional installation to commencement his 15-month condemnation successful the aboriginal hours of Thursday morning.

Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola told journalists that helium had seen Zuma. "I person seen him, helium is successful precise bully tone and helium has taken his breakfast, he's taking his medication. And past helium is, arsenic I said, we spoke and I besides told him that I'm going to archer the federation that helium is present successful this facility. And helium said it's important that this state indispensable know. So he's successful precise bully spirits."- Lamola said.

The Estcourt Correctional Center is located successful KwaZulu-Natal state astir 200 kilometers (124 miles) from his agrarian location successful Nkandla. The facility, which opened astir 2 years ago, consists of 2 units, and has a capableness to accommodate 512 inmates.

It besides has a infirmary section, grooming centre, attraction workshop, logistics and different enactment structures.

"If we wanted the erstwhile president to enactment successful a edifice and successful a highly privileged area, we would person taken him to the hotel. In Carradine, determination successful the southbound coast, oregon we would person taken him to 1 of our beauteous impermanent houses, breathtaking successful the Western Cape wherever you tin adjacent spot the sea. But the policies and the Correctional Services Act is clear. He indispensable beryllium incarcerated wherever is declared and successful a correctional facility, successful presumption of incarceration." the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola explained.

79 twelvemonth aged Zuma was convicted and sentenced for defying a tribunal bid to attest earlier a judicial committee investigating wide allegations of corruption during his 2009-2018 presidency.

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