South Africa: Constitutional court to review Zuma jail sentence this Monday

3 weeks ago 17

South Africa's Constitutional Court volition this Monday reappraisal the 15-month jailhouse condemnation handed to Jacob Zuma for contempt of court.

The erstwhile caput of state, who has been successful situation since Wednesday, is asking for the condemnation to beryllium overturned partially connected the grounds of what helium says is his frail wellness and the hazard of catching Covid-19.

The Pietermaritzburg tribunal rejected these arguments connected Friday and tt remains to beryllium seen whether his defence volition alteration its strategy.

Shops were looted connected Sunday and a large road closed successful Johannesburg arsenic convulsive protests dispersed to the economical hub implicit the jailing of Zuma.

The convulsive protests had chiefly been successful the erstwhile South African leader's location state of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), wherever helium began a 15-month condemnation for contempt of tribunal Wednesday night.

Police said immoderate of those carrying retired theft and harm were taking vantage of their choler astatine Zuma’s imprisonment.

On Sunday, protesters equipped with sticks, play clubs and branches were seen marching done Johannesburg's cardinal concern district. There had been looting successful the Alexandra township and Jeppestown suburb. More than 60 radical person been arrested.

Zuma was fixed the jailhouse word for defying an bid from the law tribunal to springiness grounds astatine an enquiry that is investigating high-level corruption during his 9 years successful powerfulness until 2018.

He denies the corruption charges against him.

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