Rwanda deploys 1000 troops to Mozambique in SADC anti-jihadist mission

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Rwanda sent members of its defence forces and officers from its nationalist constabulary to bluish Mozambique connected Saturday.

The determination is successful effect to a petition for enactment successful the gas-rich nation's conflict against the increasing Islamist extremist insurgency which has claimed implicit 2,000 lives and displaced 700,000 people.

Colonel Lonard Rwivanga, spokesperson for the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) outlined the inaugural to the media.

"The intent of this ngo is based connected a petition by the authorities of Mozambique to the authorities of Rwanda to assistance enactment successful conducting subject operations, including information operations and stabilisation arsenic good arsenic information assemblage reform."

Rwanda has promised 1,000 troops -- who volition beryllium joined by a 12 cardinal US dollar deployment Standby Force Mission from the 16-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The ngo is to statesman connected July 15 for astatine slightest 3 months and the magnitude of this ngo could beryllium extended.

Colonel Rwivanga added, "The cognition is not time-specific, it is mission-specific. So we volition implicit our occupation accelerated and past find erstwhile to leave."

SADC Military experts urge that 3,000 soldiers with arms, helicopters, aeroplanes and naval capableness beryllium sent to Mozambique wherever the insurgency that erupted successful Cabo Delgado state successful 2017 continues to intensify.

The insurgents person held the larboard of Mocimboa da Praia since August past twelvemonth and person repeatedly attacked the strategical centre of Palma -- forcing the French vigor steadfast Total to suspend its 20 cardinal US dollar liquefied earthy state project.

The Rwandan and determination interventions travel arsenic the insurgent attacks successful bluish Cabo Delgado state intensify, with rebels targeting villages and islands and beheading immoderate residents.

Witnesses person said the fighters are looting and informing residents to permission oregon beryllium killed.

The World Food Programme has warned of a increasing hunger situation arsenic astir 1 cardinal radical request nutrient aid.

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