Revenge, Red Smoke And Rubber Trees: A Vietnam Ghost Story

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NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Violet Kupersmith astir Build Your House Around My Body. It's the communicative of a woman's disappearance successful Vietnam, populated by vengeful — but not ever scary — ghosts.


"Build Your House Around My Body" is simply a shade story, a sprawling caller that spans generations. It has immoderate acceptable pieces acquainted from Hollywood fearfulness movies and Brothers Grimm fairy tales, similar an exorcism and a haunted forest, but due to the fact that this publication is acceptable successful Vietnam, the wood is an overgrown rubber histrion plantation. The exorcism doesn't person crucifixes oregon beatified water. The communicative begins with the disappearance of a young pistillate named Winnie, and past it works its mode backwards done time. Winnie has a batch successful communal with the author, Violet Kupersmith. They're some Vietnamese American women of mixed radical inheritance who moved to Vietnam successful their aboriginal 20s.

VIOLET KUPERSMITH: I truly didn't mean to person a quality truthful adjacent to maine play the biggest relation successful the book. Winnie's portion was primitively expected to beryllium overmuch smaller, but she kept growing, I think, to anchor the communicative arsenic the communicative itself kept getting much and much complex.

SHAPIRO: This is your archetypal novel. And earlier this, you wrote a postulation of abbreviated stories that was besides populated by ghosts, arsenic this publication is. As a writer, what appeals to you astir the supernatural?

KUPERSMITH: Well, erstwhile I wrote "The Frangipani Hotel," the abbreviated communicative collection, I was precise funny successful the metaphor of the shade arsenic benignant of a stand-in for the immigrant. Because I thought, oh, it's specified a cleanable figure, the shade who's benignant of trapped betwixt worlds and doesn't truly beryllium anywhere. But with the novel, I was much attracted to the shade arsenic a mode of getting revenge...


KUPERSMITH: ...And arsenic a fig who has this bureau that was denied to them successful life.

SHAPIRO: There's a portion that you wrote for the Huffington Post mode backmost successful 2014 called "The (ph) Beginner's Guide to Vietnamese Ghosts." And you began it by writing, Vietnamese ghosts aren't that scary arsenic agelong arsenic you cognize what it is that they want. If it isn't staying dead, past there's astir apt a reason, and each you person to bash is springiness the shade the happening that it is seeking - revenge, redemption, a solution - which sounds similar specified a pragmatic attack to thing so, (laughter) like, spooky and, you know, intolerable to afloat understand.

KUPERSMITH: Yeah. Well, erstwhile I was surviving successful Vietnam, ghosts were conscionable a benignant of mundane thing. Everyone conscionable had their ain shade stories, and they were benignant of blase astir it. And I witnessed an exorcism successful the Central Highlands. And I...

SHAPIRO: Which is wherever portion of this publication takes place.


SHAPIRO: And determination is besides an exorcism scene.

KUPERSMITH: (Laughter) This was - that - I did gully connected this experience, by the penning of that chapter. But successful existent life, it was overmuch little intense. And the ghost, it turned out, was, like, a vegetarian. And truthful it was upset astatine the offerings of chickenhearted that was - that were being near for it.


KUPERSMITH: And truthful that's wherefore it was causing problems.

SHAPIRO: You know, you're sitting successful suburban Philadelphia, and I'm successful Washington, D.C. And you're saying the shade was a vegetarian and upset astatine the offerings of chicken, which seems casual to laughter at, but I ideate that successful the moment, it felt precise real. Maybe it inactive feels precise real. How bash you benignant of span that?

KUPERSMITH: Oh, it ever feels existent to me. And ghosts and shade stories were thing that I conscionable - I grew up with. And I bash judge successful ghosts. And I don't deliberation I would constitute astir them arsenic overmuch if I didn't.

SHAPIRO: So overmuch fabrication astir Vietnam is astir wars oregon colonialism. And that surely factors into this book, but it is not the focus. It's benignant of the discourse lurking successful the background. Why did you privation to attack this from that perspective?

KUPERSMITH: Because I did privation to subvert expectations. Because I deliberation originally, fabrication astir Vietnam, Americans expected, like, GI stories...


KUPERSMITH: ...War trauma. And then, it evolved to expecting, like, a tender representation of an migrant household successful America. And I wanted a communicative astir Vietnam that was much than the warfare and thing they wouldn't travel into expecting. I similar to deliberation of, like, the publication itself arsenic a benignant of house...


KUPERSMITH: ...Like a haunted house. And the warfare with America is simply a ghost, but it's benignant of trapped successful the basement.

SHAPIRO: There is simply a country successful a graveyard adjacent the precise opening of this book. And 1 quality says, unfinished concern ever leaves unsafe openings. And successful my experience, it volition ever travel backmost to haunt you. But arsenic you say, portion it mightiness beryllium the shade locked successful the basement, colonialism is besides portion of the unfinished business. The Vietnam War is portion of the unfinished business. Like, these things are not precisely resolved either.

KUPERSMITH: No, it's - well, there's the haunted wood successful the book. It gets burned down, but past it has caller maturation that's ever coming back. And it has these aged scars connected their trunks. And I thought that was conscionable a cleanable ocular mode to research trauma.

SHAPIRO: And immoderate of the rubber trees are inactive weeping, immoderate are inactive bleeding.

KUPERSMITH: Mmm hmm due to the fact that it doesn't spell away. The scars from the history, they don't spell away.

SHAPIRO: I'm conscionable reasoning backmost to you saying that ghosts successful Vietnam are an mundane information of beingness and cipher questions them. And the aforesaid would not beryllium said for the United States, mostly speaking. And I wonderment wherefore you deliberation that is?

KUPERSMITH: I don't cognize 'cause it's not arsenic if America doesn't person its ain stock of traumatic history. It's conscionable overmuch person to the aboveground successful Vietnam, however I experienced it. I deliberation successful immoderate ways, that's healthier.

SHAPIRO: You mean to really process it alternatively than unreal you're not being haunted?

KUPERSMITH: Yeah, I conjecture processing it arsenic a ghost, whether you judge successful them oregon not.

SHAPIRO: Being haunted tin person galore antithetic meanings. What does it mean to you?

KUPERSMITH: I wanted to research the haunting of being wounded successful immoderate mode and however it occupies a small country of you. It's your ain idiosyncratic small shade successful the haunted location of your mind. And for me, what I was - I did. I felt haunted erstwhile I came backmost to America aft surviving successful Vietnam for astir 3 years and - mostly by the unit that I saw against women being perpetrated against my friends, against maine - conscionable the mundane misogyny that drains you. And it felt similar a tone wrong you, of thing that possesses you. And truthful the publication was benignant of my ain mode of performing an exorcism connected myself.

SHAPIRO: I wonderment if having a shade astir makes it easier. Because misogyny and unit and trauma are truthful amorphous, it's hard to execute an exorcism connected them. But you tin execute an exorcism connected a ghost.

KUPERSMITH: Yes. So I don't cognize if it worked. I consciousness similar the shade is ne'er truly going to spell away. And for the characters successful the communicative who are trying to process their ain traumas, by the end, either they've - they deliberation that they person escaped it oregon they've travel to the realization that they ne'er will.

SHAPIRO: Violet Kupersmith's debut caller is "Build Your House Around My Body."

Thank you for talking with america astir it.

KUPERSMITH: Oh, convey you truthful much. It's been a pleasure.


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