Protests erupt in Georgia after journalist killed by anti-LGBT protesters

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Thousands took to the streets successful Tbilisi, Georgia, connected Sunday, to request the resignation of premier curate Irakli Garibashvili, pursuing the decease of a writer aft being beaten by anti-LGBT+ protesters.

They could beryllium seen successful beforehand of the Georgian parliament, holding signs speechmaking “Who is next” and “First they came for the journalists – we don’t cognize what happened next,” pursuing attacks connected pridefulness activists and journalists astatine a scheduled pridefulness march a week ago.

Alexander Lashkarava, who had been moving arsenic a cameraman for autarkic presumption TV Pirveli, was severely beaten by anti-LGBT+ protesters portion covering the Tbilisi’s March for Dignity past Monday.

The Pride march was cancelled earlier it began, arsenic organisers astatine Tbilisi Pride said authorities had not provided capable information guarantees.

In a statement, the organisation said authorities “not lone failed to unafraid the information of the queer assemblage and our supporters, but actively hampered america from exercising the close of assembly”.

Opponents of the march ransacked the Tbilisi Pride bureau and blocked the capital’s main avenue wherever the march was owed to instrumentality place, targeting activists and journalists. The anti-LGBT+ protesters denounced journalists connected work to screen the lawsuit arsenic pro-LGBT+ propagandists and attacked them, throwing sticks, stones and bottles.

Mr Lashkarava was among 50 journalists who were attacked by the anti-LGBT+ groups opposing the march.

Miranda Baghaturia, Mr Lashkarava’s workfellow astatine TV Pirveli, said that helium had been beaten by a mob of astir 20 people.

The 37-year-old was aboriginal pictured with bruises connected his look and humor connected the crushed astir him, with section media reporting that helium was hospitalised and had to acquisition surgery; it was besides reported that helium sustained fractures to his facial bones.

Alexander Lashkarava aft being beaten by anti-LGBT+ protesters


He was discharged from the infirmary connected Thursday, but was recovered dormant successful his furniture successful the aboriginal hours of Sunday morning. The origin of his decease was not instantly clear.

An probe into his decease has been launched by section police. While some the premier curate and president referred to Mr Lashkarava’s decease arsenic “a tragedy”, galore clasp the premier curate liable for stoking anti-LGBT+ sentiment.

Ahead of the planned event, Mr Garibashvili spoke retired against the Pride March and said that specified events were “unacceptable for a ample conception of Georgian society”.

Officially, the Black Sea federation decriminalised homosexuality successful 2000 and adopted anti-discrimination laws successful 2006 and 2014, but Pride events stay arguable successful the blimpish state powerfully influenced by the Orthodox Church.

Just past month, the Orthodox Church described Pride events arsenic aiming to “legalise sedate sin”.

Critics person accused the premier minister’s Georgian Dream enactment of tacitly supporting homophobic and nationalist groups. Reporters Without Borders accusing the authorities of “culpable passivity” successful the unit and Amnesty International saying that Georgian authorities’ nonaccomplishment to support Tbilisi Pride “encourages violence”.

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