Oliver Stone revisits JFK assassination in new documentary

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Thirty years aft “JFKOliver Stone has returned to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this clip successful a documentary.

“JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass" is simply a benignant of non-fiction addendum to 1 of Stone's astir sensational and arguable films. The documentary, which is to premiere Monday astatine the Cannes Film Festival, is apt to punctual different circular of statement connected some the American calamity and Stone's methods. But for the 74-year-old filmmaker, it was a mode to reply his critics and spell deeper into a past he's everlastingly linked with.

“I was a comparative novice erstwhile that movie came out. I was naïve. I didn’t cognize that I’d get banged similar this and it was hard,” Stone said successful an interview. “It became arsenic if I was untrustworthy. In Hollywood, I became labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ which I deliberation is simply a word from a 1952 CIA papers — an effort to discredit people. But radical liked the movie. As a movie-movie, it worked.”

“JFK” was nominated for 8 Oscars, including champion picture, and won two. It grossed much than $200 million. But it was besides surrounded by questions astir its factuality. “JFK Revisited" has doubts attached to it, too. Several streaming services passed connected distributing the movie successful portion implicit their information checks. In Cannes, the movie has acceptable up planetary releases successful respective countries and is seeking a U.S. distributor.

The documentary, which has been edited down to astir 2 hours aft being doubly that, makes nary declarations astir who killed Kennedy. It pulls successful portion from millions of authorities files that person been released successful the years since “JFK.” In 2017, President Donald Trump delayed the merchandise of much documents, citing nationalist security.

“JFK Revisited” delves profoundly into inconsistencies successful Kennedy's autopsy, the handling of cardinal pieces of grounds and Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged ties to the CIA. And its deepest suspicions — not dissimilar “JFK” — prevarication successful the U.S. quality services.

“I consciousness the astir important is wherefore President Kennedy was killed,” said Stone. "We answered with our grounds that helium was going to retreat from Vietnam. The détente with Cuba was successful motion. The atomic trial prohibition pact had been signed. He was looking for a détente with Russia. He was an anti-colonialist."

Stone, whose films see "Platoon” and “Born connected the Fourth of July,” himself fought successful Vietnam.

“I went successful arsenic a hawk. I believed we were doing the close thing,” helium said. “Even erstwhile I came retired of Vietnam, I was not an activist. It takes years to reeducate yourself. And I recovered retired much and more. By the clip I made ("JFK"), I didn’t cognize what I cognize now. The past of this state is screwed up. We haven’t told it."

In films similar “Wall Street," “Nixon” and “W.,” Stone has charted — done his ain provocative lens — overmuch of the past 50 years of American past successful movies that gave politically charged figures splashy big-screen portraits. But his narration with some Hollywood and Washington has declined successful much caller years. His past fabrication movie was 2016's “Snowden," a biopic that depicted Edward Snowden arsenic an American hero. It was painstaking to get funded and small noticed connected release.

"It benignant of broke my spirit," said Stone.

His skepticism for American ideology has lone increased. “A plutocracy is much accurate,” helium said, citing the power of wealth successful elections. “Democracy is simply a unusual word. It's successful question.”

At the aforesaid time, Stone has been drawn to gathering and documenting immoderate of the world's dictators and strongmen. Stone interviewed Russia's Vladimir Putin astatine magnitude for a Showtime bid that was criticized arsenic fawning. He has done interviews with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Stone is presently prepping a bid with the erstwhile Kazakhstan person Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“What attracted to maine those figures was they are balancing America. American cannot beryllium the sole powerfulness successful the world. I deliberation Henry Kissinger would hold with me. I deliberation Machiavelli would hold with me," said Stone. “Balance of powerfulness is the lone mode this satellite tin beryllium escaped of 1 control, 1 tyrant. That’s the existent tyrant. America.”

“I'm not a atrocious guy,” Stone added. “And I don't emotion dictators.”

As for Stone's narration to Hollywood, helium said helium tries not to deliberation astir excessively much. “I conscionable effort to support going,” Stone said. In Cannes, helium besides screened a director's chopped of “JFK.” But erstwhile helium considers the kinds of movies that get made contiguous successful the U.S., helium sees small governmental enquiry oregon planetary perspective.

“I find that galore American filmmakers would beryllium precise bully but they woody with transgression issues — it’s connected TV each the time. They’re large astatine violence. Except for a fewer filmmakers, they ne'er spell against American overseas policy, which is wrong. That’s wrong.”

“America is censoring itself. It’s censoring Facebook, it’s censoring the ex-president. We’re scared. We’re frightened of proceeding the truth,” Stone continued. “Sometimes you person to perceive the Alex Joneses of the world. You person to person antithetic points of view.”


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