'Not the Time to Piss Off Swedes Now': Journo Calls on Fellow Immigrants Not to Anger Host Nation

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In a wide circulated Facebook post, Iranian-born debater Nima Dervish ventured that Swedes person been "clenching their fists successful their pockets for a agelong clip now", which is wherefore provoking them with the speech astir "whiteness" and "privilege" is not a omniscient happening to do.

In a viral Facebook post, writer and writer Nima Dervish has urged chap migrant debaters to debar "pissing disconnected Swedes" due to the fact that their state is "ruined" and they are "mad".

"An unfastened portion of proposal to migrant debaters. No substance however sensible you are, nary substance what important enactment you do… Cut backmost the speech astir achromatic Swedes and their 'privileges'. Even if you were right, chopped it. Because present is not the time", Nima Dervish wrote successful his wide circulated post.

He called connected chap immigrants to "cut each the whining astir Swedes" for arsenic galore years arsenic they themselves had the greenish airy to explicit themselves astir everything.

"Swedes' intoxicant culture, however societal they are... Everything antagonistic and critical. Cut it retired for arsenic slightest 10 years. For their onshore is ruined and they are mad. How bash I know? For I myself americium mad".

In the post, that received hundreds of comments and shares, Dervish called Sweden the country of the Swedes, who, helium ventured, "have been clenching their fists successful their pockets for a agelong clip now".

"I americium really arsenic amazed arsenic relieved that we person not been affected by much Laser men successful Sweden", helium wrote alluding to convicted murderer, slope robber, and attempted serial slayer John Ausonius who successful 1991 and 1992 changeable eleven radical successful the Stockholm and Uppsala area, mostly immigrants. "Had the things that happened successful Sweden been committed successful our location countries by immoderate minority, the streets would person been stained with blood. Now is not the clip to piss disconnected Swedes", helium emphasised successful conclusion.


Nima Dervish is himself an migrant from Iran who came to Sweden arsenic a kid successful 1987. He has, among different things, been a columnist astatine the fashionable regular Aftonbladet, but near Sweden successful 2013 owed to the statement clime successful the country. He besides referred to the reluctance wrong the Swedish media to study connected his revelation astir homophobic imam Hamza Sodagar, who visited Sweden.

During Daesh's* enlargement successful Iraq successful 2014, Dervish worked arsenic a teacher successful Erbil successful Iraqi Kurdistan, but returned to Sweden successful 2015. Dervish is the writer of "Why bash you termination your daughter?", a publication connected honour-related unit successful migrant culture.

In the comments field, Dervish has been praised for offering a "perfect description" of however radical feel, arsenic good arsenic "putting the digit connected a sore spot" and "writing words of wisdom".

*Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/"Islamic state") is simply a violent organisation banned successful Russia

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