Nigerians protest insecurity following frequent kidnappings

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Residents of the Nigerian metropolis of Damishi took to the streets connected Thursday to protestation deficiency of information and regular abductions successful the bluish Kaduna state.

The tiny radical of protesters blocked a thoroughfare and chanted slogans demanding peace.

One of the protesters said that astatine slightest 16 radical had been kidnapped the erstwhile day.

Their disappearance came conscionable 2 days aft a radical of gunmen stormed the Bethel Baptist High School and abducted 121 students successful Nigeria's northwest.

"(People are kidnapped) wrong town, not wrong the bush. We are inactive mourning the Bethel schoolhouse students and present this happened. What is happening? We privation the Kaduna authorities politician to speech to us. We don't privation atrocious authorities again, cipher wants atrocious government, we don't privation atrocious government, we don't privation them. They should bring backmost our children", said Habib Lukeman.

As the protesters staged their rally, parents of immoderate of the kidnapped students gathered astatine the Bethel Baptist High School.

They've been coming determination since Monday, the time their children were abducted, to commune and request justice.

Reverend Joseph Jeremiah is simply a 54-year aged begetter of a missing 14-year-old Clara.

"Honestly, honestly, erstwhile we are talking of pain, we cognize what it is, what caused it, erstwhile you miss 1 of your family. The mode I feel, truthful galore parents are feeling", helium said.

A radical of gunmen stormed the schoolhouse successful the mediate of the night, shooting sporadically arsenic they kidnapped 121 students. Two information guards were killed portion battling the kidnappers, officials said.

Principal of the Prelude Comprehensive College successful Kaduna metropolis says the information situation has had a monolithic interaction connected pupils’ attendance successful his school.

He told the Associated Press that galore parents are withholding their children from schoolhouse retired of fearfulness thing mightiness hap to them.

"Our (student) colonisation dropped and due to the fact that of that we had nary prime past to laic disconnected immoderate teachers, due to the fact that the schoolhouse cannot prolong the spread (between) teachers-student population", Emmanuel Nandang said.

Missing class, however, means these children cannot beryllium nationalist exams needed to suffice for assemblage oregon polytechnic admissions, the main added.

Parents proceed to commune to God for the harmless instrumentality of their children, arsenic schoolhouse officials urged the parents to telephone connected the authorities to enactment ‘’to bring backmost our children’’.

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