Mixing COVID-19 vaccines a ‘dangerous trend,’ WHO chief scientist says

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The World Health Organization‘s main idiosyncratic connected Monday advised against radical mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines from antithetic manufacturers, calling it a “dangerous trend” since determination was small information disposable astir the wellness impact.

“It’s a small spot of a unsafe inclination here. We are successful a data-free, evidence-free portion arsenic acold arsenic premix and match,” Soumya Swaminathan told an online briefing.

 'What Canadians request   to cognize  astir  the mixing of vaccine doses' 6:00 What Canadians request to cognize astir the mixing of vaccine doses

What Canadians request to cognize astir the mixing of vaccine doses – Jun 21, 2021

“It volition beryllium a chaotic concern successful countries if citizens commencement deciding erstwhile and who will beryllium taking a second, a 3rd and a 4th dose.”

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Swaminathan aboriginal clarified her remarks connected Twitter, saying radical should travel nationalist wellness proposal and not marque their ain decisions connected vaccine mixing oregon taking further doses.

She said nationalist wellness agencies tin supply proposal based connected disposable data, but added that studies connected mixing assorted vaccines are ongoing and that “immunogenicity and information some request to beryllium evaluated.”

Individuals should not determine for themselves, nationalist wellness agencies can, based connected disposable data. Data from premix and lucifer studies of antithetic vaccines are awaited – immunogenicity and information some request to beryllium evaluated https://t.co/3pdYj4LUdz

— Soumya Swaminathan (@doctorsoumya) July 12, 2021

Canada is 1 of respective countries that has been mixing and matching approved vaccines.

In June, the National Advisory Committee connected Immunization (NACI) said radical who received a archetypal dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine should get an mRNA vaccine — Pfizer-BioNTech oregon Moderna — for their 2nd dose, unless contraindicated. The vaccines tin beryllium safely mixed and matched successful astir scenarios, they said.

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Canadian experts person mostly sided with the nationalist agency, recognizing the signifier arsenic safe.

NACI besides promoted the substance of mRNA vaccines, saying those vaccines tin beryllium interchangeable if the aforesaid merchandise was not readily disposable for the 2nd dose.

 'NACI recommends Pfizer oregon  Moderna for radical   who received AstraZeneca arsenic  archetypal  COVID-19 vaccine shot' 1:57 NACI recommends Pfizer oregon Moderna for radical who received AstraZeneca arsenic archetypal COVID-19 vaccine shot

NACI recommends Pfizer oregon Moderna for radical who received AstraZeneca arsenic archetypal COVID-19 vaccine changeable – Jun 17, 2021

That strategy was utilized successful precocious June successful Ontario, erstwhile officials promoted the usage of Moderna’s vaccine for 2nd doses owed to a shortage of Pfizer-BioNTech successful the province. Other provinces besides took connected the recommendation.

The non-binding recommendations were based connected a scope of factors — from information concerns to vaccine supply, said Theresa Tam, Canada’s main nationalist wellness officer, during a quality league connected June 1.

“The interchangeability of vaccines means that you tin person 1 vaccine merchandise for your archetypal dose and past safely person a antithetic vaccine for your 2nd dose to implicit your two-dose vaccine bid for optimal extortion from COVID-19,” Tam said.

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“This proposal provides provinces and territories with effectual options to negociate their vaccine programs,” she added.

We spot information from the UK, Spain & Germany demonstrating that mixing vaccines (in the mode we are doing successful Canada) is harmless & provides a significant/robust immune response.

— Isaac Bogoch (@BogochIsaac) July 12, 2021

Leading up to the recommendations, Canadian wellness officials were awaiting studies from Europe that were exploring the substance of vaccines.

Preliminary results from a University of Oxford survey published connected May 12 recovered that mixing the Pfizer-BioNtech and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines whitethorn summation the frequence of mild to mean broadside effects. But these symptoms were short-lived — lasting nary longer than a fewer days — and determination were nary hospitalizations oregon different information concerns.

Health experts person besides stressed successful the aftermath of Swaminathan’s comments that disposable information shows mixing vaccines is harmless and effective, providing a important immune effect against COVID-19.

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I deliberation the conception was much astir citizens going and getting galore antithetic doses of antithetic vaccines – extracurricular of nationalist health. She did remark that AZ/Pfizer does person information (and truthful should AZ/mRNA connected that).

— Zain Chagla (@zchagla) July 12, 2021

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