Mexico president casts video of brother taking cash as political smear

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By Dave Graham

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador connected Friday shrugged disconnected a video showing 1 of his younger brothers receiving currency from a governmental operator, saying it was portion of a smear run by adversaries to discredit him.

The video, the 2nd wrong a twelvemonth to diagnostic a member of the president taking wealth from the governmental operative, sparked caller disapproval of Lopez Obrador from Mexico's opposition, which helium has routinely depicted arsenic steeped successful corruption.

Released by Mexican quality outlet Latinus, the video seemingly made successful 2015 shows a antheral who aboriginal formed portion of the Lopez Obrador medication handing Martin Jesus Lopez Obrador an envelope stuffed with a ample stack of bills.

"I deliberation the volition is to bash harm to me, oregon to effort to harm me," the president told a quality conference. "It's the perennial achromatic run of my adversaries. We're utilized to this. But we person ever emerged unscathed from slander."

He said helium would not screen up for anyone, and that authorities should analyse whether immoderate transgression had been committed and punish immoderate wrongdoing.

"But my conscience is clear," added Lopez Obrador.

The antheral filmed giving his member the currency was David Leon, who Lopez Obrador named caput of Mexico's civilian extortion bureau aft assuming the presidency successful December 2018.

Leon stepped down from the authorities past August aft a abstracted video was leaked of him handing wealth successful 2015 to different member of Lopez Obrador. On that occasion, the president described the currency arsenic contributions from supporters.

Leon said connected Twitter the wealth successful the caller video was a indebtedness helium had provided from his idiosyncratic savings.

Lopez Obrador forged his estimation arsenic a scourge of corruption, and the video leak comes 3 weeks up of a referendum implicit whether to analyse past governmental decisions that helium has utilized to question the bequest of past presidents.

One of the erstwhile presidents, Vicente Fox, seized connected the video, tweeting: "A question: are radical who get their brothers to person illicit wealth besides going to basal trial?"

According to Latinus, the latest video was changeable successful 2015 conscionable earlier elections successful which Lopez Obrador's governmental party, the leftist National Regeneration Movement (MORENA), was competing for the archetypal time.

Lopez Obrador told the quality league the currency was not for him oregon immoderate governmental campaign, and that helium understood it was a idiosyncratic substance betwixt his member and Leon.

The president's popularity remains robust, polling good supra 50% successful astir nationalist surveys. The 2020 video leak did erode his support standing somewhat, and the caller 1 could bash the same, said Roy Campos, caput of polling steadfast Consulta Mitofsky.

But Lopez Obrador has mostly been much adept astatine switching the governmental communicative than the absorption has been astatine capitalizing connected scandals, Campos said.

On Friday afternoon, media attraction began shifting distant from the video leak aft the lawyer general's bureau said it was investigating a salient authoritative successful the erstwhile authorities for suspected illicit enrichment.

(Reporting by Dave GrahamEditing by John Stonestreet and Chris Reese)

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