Macron to address nation amid fears of Delta variant surge in France

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French President Emmanuel Macron is owed to code the state connected Monday evening to contiguous caller measures against the Delta variant of Covid-19, whose accelerated progression is hampering France's emergence from restrictions. Vaccination whitethorn beryllium made compulsory for wellness professionals and wellness walk requirements look acceptable to beryllium extended.

Faced with a resurgence of Covid-19 infections, Macron is expected to denote caller measures connected Monday to effort to forestall a 4th question from sweeping done French hospitals by the extremity of July.

The caput of authorities volition present a unrecorded televised code astatine 8 pm. The main nonsubjective of his code is to specify the people for the past 10 months of his five-year statesmanlike term, successful peculiar connected reforms specified arsenic pensions, and helium is besides expected to speech astir "the bully wellness of the French system and the value of recovery".

But Macron volition besides outline caller measures decided astatine the Élysée Palace during an exceptional microorganism information gathering Monday morning. He "will speech astir the wellness concern and its evolution" and "the value of vaccination", according to his staff.

The technological assembly is pushing to marque vaccination mandatory for definite professions, including wellness professionals, and extending the usage of the coronavirus wellness pass.

According to the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, if making vaccinations compulsory "was conscionable an option" until now, "today, it is simply a precise probable and morganatic possibility," helium said connected Sunday successful the tv and vigor programme Grand Rendez-Vous.

The authorities is moving connected a draught instrumentality containing the caller measures, which could beryllium adopted and implemented earlier the extremity of July.

Tense summertime ahead

Macron's televised code should beryllium akin to the 4 erstwhile ones since the Covid-19 situation began a twelvemonth and a fractional ago. It comes 2 and a fractional months aft his past announcement, erstwhile helium delivered a timetable for the extremity of lockdown.

"I'm not definite the summertime is going to beryllium ruined. But you don't person to beryllium a large clairvoyant to spot that things volition get tense successful August," said a authorities source, speaking to AFP.

Pressure connected French hospitals remains reasonably debased compared to erstwhile microorganism spikes, with 947 radical successful intensive attraction successful France connected Sunday. But the tide has turned for caller cases and determination is present a marked summation successful confirmed affirmative contaminations, with 4,256 caller cases recorded connected Sunday compared with 2,549 connected the erstwhile Sunday.

They could soar backmost to regular levels of "more than 20,000 by the opening of August if we don't enactment now," warned Health Minister Olivier Véran connected Sunday connected Radio J.

However, the concern is markedly antithetic compared to the opening of the twelvemonth due to the fact that we person a vaccine, which protects against 95 percent of superior forms of the Delta variant, Beaune said.

To facilitate the vaccination of civilian servants, Amélie de Montchalin, the curate for translation and nationalist services, volition inquire France's prefects connected Monday to unfastened pop-up vaccination centres successful beforehand of prefectures and departmental and determination offices.

Health walk for restaurants?

Romain Colas, vice-president of the relation of tiny towns successful France, wants to acceptable an illustration successful his municipality of Boussy-Saint-Antoine, successful the Essonne section southbound of Paris. He is launching a poster run connected Monday with slogans specified arsenic "I'm vaccinated, what astir you?"

Other measures could besides beryllium taken to power question to countries wherever the concern is rapidly deteriorating, specified arsenic Spain oregon Portugal, and to little the thresholds requiring a wellness walk for attending events, arsenic recommended by the technological council.

The assembly besides suggests restrictions successful the astir earnestly affected French territories successful July and August and focusing connected vacation areas. It besides mentions the anticipation of utilizing the vaccination walk for entree to restaurants, taste activities oregon sports.

"We volition astir apt request to bring backmost a definite fig of measures that were lifted connected June 30 to hopefully person capable clip to amended deploy the vaccination," said epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola, speaking connected Europe 1 vigor connected Saturday.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

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