"Lingui, The Sacred Bonds" movie premieres at the Cannes Film Festival

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Chad manager Mahamat-Saleh Haroun has premiered his latest movie att the Cannes Film Festival.

"Lingui, The Sacred Bonds" is acceptable successful N'djamena - the superior of Chad - and follows Amina and her girl Maria who connected the outskirts of nine due to the fact that Amina is simply a azygous mother.

Actors Achouackh Abakar Souleymane and Rihane Khalil Alio represent the parent and daughter. They joined their manager connected the reddish stairs of the Palais gathering up of the gala screening, Thursday (8 JULY 2021).

In 2010, Haroun won the assemblage prize for his film, "A Screaming Man" which looked astatine a troubled narration betwixt a begetter and his son.

In "Lingui, The Sacred Bonds," which is 1 of 24 films competing for the Palme d'Or successful Cannes, Haroun redresses the equilibrium by concentrating connected the pistillate acquisition successful Chad, and by paying tribute to their resoluteness and relationships.

It’s been 8 years since manager Mahamat-Saleh Haroun was past successful the Cannes Film Festival’s main contention lineup with his 2013 play “Grisgris,”

In the six festivals betwixt “Grisgris” and “Lingui,” Cannes’ main contention has dismayingly included a expansive full of 3 African films: “Timbuktu” successful 2014, “Yomeddine” successful 2018 and “Atlantics” successful 2019. (By contrast, determination are 14 European films successful this year’s contention alone.)

The Cannes Film Festival runs until Saturday 17 July 2021.

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