Learn key cloud transformation insights, trends, challenges & opportunities at the free Cloud Transformation Congress, 13 July 2021

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Cloud Transformation Congress is simply a free virtual unreality translation lawsuit taking spot connected 13 July 2021 (MDT), consisting of top-level content and thought enactment discussions exploring the unreality translation ecosystem. Join 500+ elder exertion professionals for a assortment of solo presentations and adept sheet discussions from speakers sharing their unparalleled unreality translation manufacture knowledge.

In a rapidly evolving market, identifying and knowing emerging unreality trends volition help drive integer concern determination making, vendor selection and investment strategies. An expanding fig of manufacture leaders are utilizing unreality exertion to tally their organisations much efficiently, standard their potential, summation collaboration, amended lawsuit engagement, heighten nett margins and summation a competitory edge.

Book your escaped summons contiguous to larn however to tackle the latest challenges, and research opportunities, marketplace insights, trends and debates wrong unreality computing:


As integer translation shifts person been accelerated by the effects of COVID-19, the satellite afloat woke up to the value of the unreality arsenic a exertion crippled changer. As yearly walk continues to turn globally, unreality computing has go an indispensable constituent of immoderate innovative organisational strategy.


○ Identifying opportunities for unreality migration and wherever to focus
○ Making consciousness of the cloud: hybrid vs multi vs distributed
○ Leveraging unreality capabilities for improved lawsuit experience
○ Mitigating migration challenges: security, spend, governance and expertise
○ Gaining stakeholder buy-in and overcoming taste barriers
○ Dedicated lawsuit studies from cardinal sectors including insurance, finance, healthcare, retail and e-commerce
… and overmuch more!

All sessions and recordings are besides disposable on-demand for 30 days erstwhile the lawsuit has finished.


The lawsuit has a fantastic line-up of elder unreality specialists including:

  • A Cloud Guru – Drew Firment, SVP of Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Industry Forum – Alex Hilton, Chief Executive
  • Westamerica Bank – Shouvik Ray ,Head of Enterprise IT and Information Security
  • Walmart – Fernando Velazquez, Chief Technology Officer – Digital Transformation & Innovation Director


Join implicit 500 elder exertion professionals astatine the integer event, including CTOs, proviso concatenation managers, manufacturing directors, heads of innovation and technology, IT directors, telecom providers, developers, start-ups, government, automotive, operators, investors, VCs and more.


Networking is present unfastened via the event’s AI-powered online platform. Once successfully registered you tin conscionable virtually with unreality computing specialists who tin supply you with actionable proposal arsenic you develop your intelligent unreality computing strategy. Login to the level to program your time with ease; presumption the agenda, speakers and exhibitors. You tin also connect with and organise meetings with the event’s speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Don’t miss the accidental to conscionable with A Cloud Guru, Walmart, RBC, Boeing, Allianz, Paypal & more! 

We look guardant to welcoming you to the lawsuit connected 13 July 2021! You tin publication your escaped summons here. If you person immoderate enquiries, delight interaction the team [email protected] or sojourn the event’s FAQs page.

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