Leaked testimony from Haiti suspects says plan was to arrest, not kill president

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Gunmen assassinate Haitian president   astatine  his home, successful  Port-au-Prince Suspects successful the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, who was changeable dormant aboriginal Wednesday astatine his home, are shown to the media, successful Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jul 8, 2021. (Photo: REUTERS/Estailove St-Val)

12 Jul 2021 03:36AM (Updated: 12 Jul 2021 03:41AM)

PORT-AU-PRINCE: A radical of Colombians and Haitian Americans suspected of assassinating Haitian President Jovenel Moise told investigators they were determination to apprehension him, not termination him, the Miami Herald and a idiosyncratic acquainted with the substance said connected Sunday (Jul 11).

Moise was changeable dormant aboriginal connected Wednesday astatine his Port-au-Prince location by what Haitian authorities accidental was a portion of assassins made up of 26 Colombians and 2 Haitian Americans, plunging the troubled Caribbean federation into deeper turmoil.

The execution and uncertainty astir who hatched the crippled is the latest successful a succession of blows to deed the struggling country, which has appealed for planetary help.

Washington has truthful acold rebuffed Haiti's petition for troops, though a elder US official said connected Sunday that Washington was sending a method squad to measure the situation.

Citing radical who had spoken to immoderate of the 19 suspects detained truthful far, the Miami Herald said they said their ngo was to apprehension Moise and instrumentality him to the statesmanlike palace.

A root adjacent to the probe said the two Haitian Americans, James Solages and Joseph Vincent, told investigators they were translators for the Colombian commando portion that had an apprehension warrant. But erstwhile they arrived, they recovered him dead.

Haitian constabulary did not reply to a petition for comment.

The quality follows reports that immoderate of the Colombians had said they had gone to enactment arsenic information unit connected Haiti, including for Moise himself.

The Miami Herald reported the detained Colombians said they were hired to enactment successful Haiti by Miami-based institution CTU Security, tally by Venezuelan emigre Antonio Enmanuel Intriago Valera.

Neither CTU nor Intriago could beryllium reached for comment.

Gunmen assassinate Haitian president   astatine  his home, successful  Port-au-Prince Passports, tools and different items are being shown to the media on with suspects successful the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, who was changeable dormant aboriginal Wednesday astatine his home, successful Port-au-Prince, Haiti, connected Jul 8, 2021. (Photo:  REUTERS/Estailove St-Val)

One telephone fig associated with the institution successful nationalist records sent calls to an answering instrumentality that made a notation to the fictional TV quality Jack Bauer, who fought coercion successful the bid 24.

"Thank you for calling CTU security. For Tony Intriago delight permission a connection oregon nonstop a text. For Jack Bauer hold for the adjacent season. Thank you for calling and person a large day."

Social media profiles that appeared to beryllium to Intriago included a Facebook photograph showing a antheral successful tactical cogwheel pointing a high-powered rifle. Other photos connected Instagram showed ammunition, guns, and radical engaged successful tactical training.


Photos and X-ray images posted connected societal media astatine the play said to beryllium from Moise's autopsy showed his assemblage riddled with slug holes, a fractured skull and different breached bones, underscoring the brutal quality of the attack.

Reuters could not independently corroborate their authenticity.

Via societal media, Haitians successful parts of the superior Port-au-Prince were readying protests this week against the interim premier curate and acting caput of authorities Claude Joseph.

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Joseph's close to pb the state has been challenged by different elder politicians, threatening to exacerbate the turmoil engulfing the poorest state successful the Americas.

Meanwhile, 1 of Haiti's apical pack leaders, Jimmy Cherizier, a erstwhile constabulary serviceman known arsenic Barbecue, said connected Saturday his men would instrumentality to the streets to protestation the assassination.

Cherizier, brag of the alleged G9 federation of 9 gangs, said constabulary and absorption politicians had conspired with the "stinking bourgeoisie" to "sacrifice" Moise.

Gunfire rang retired overnight successful the capital, which has suffered a surge successful pack unit successful caller months, displacing thousands and hampering economical activity.

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