‘Justice has been done’: Italian papers celebrate Euros victory and hit out at English fans

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“We are the champions,” work the beforehand leafage of the Corriere della Sera. “Europe is ours,” crowed La Repubblica, portion Il Messaggero and La Stampa went 1 further: “We are Europe”.

That was conscionable the prime dailies. Italy’s sports newspapers were adjacent much exuberant. “It’s ours!” screamed the Corriere dello Sport, its starring nonfiction reading, “Football came home! To ours, though.”

“All roads pb to Rome,” was the beforehand leafage of Il Romanista, self-styled “newspaper of the world’s astir hardcore fans”.

Inside, they were jubilant. Donnarumma was “the elephantine who unopen Wembley up”, according to Il Messaggero.

There were besides harsh words for the England fans who, having trashed Leicester Square earlier successful the day, booed the Italian nationalist anthem – against the wishes of Gareth Southgate, who had begged them not to.

Justice has been done against these unpleasant English who booed our ineffable nationalist anthem,” Il Messaggero said, calling them “hooligans who, brexit oregon nary brexit, are each the same.”

“The nighttime earlier they sacked London successful each conceivable ways, with fume bombs, chaotic choirs, brew that overflowed from their bottles and their stomachs and ended connected the pavement amid breached solid and the stench of intoxicant – and, what’s more, trampled our emblem passim the city.

“Better to bushed them similar this, connected penalties, nether their beauteous drizzle.”

La Repubblica mentioned “shameful scenes extracurricular the stadium” from “dozens of drunk England fans”.

Not each Italians were truthful harsh, however.

Italy’s supporters ticker the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship Final successful Rome


“There’s ever idiosyncratic stupid,” Roberto Pola, who runs a paper kiosk adjacent the Trevi fountain, told The Independent.

“Italy does it too. Sadly athletics is followed by radical who don’t person a consciousness of sportsmanship. It’s disfigured but it’s not lone the English who bash it. You can’t justice a federation connected that.”

And the nighttime before, Italians celebrating successful Rome’s Piazza del Popolo had adjacent apologised to England fans for winning and called England “a large team”.

As fans brandishing Italian flags and honking horns converged connected Piazza Venezia, the symbolic centre of Rome, the ambiance was 1 of elation, not menace – adjacent astatine 3am.

However, helium lone England emblem to beryllium seen had had an expletive spraypainted implicit it, and 2 much fans carried a banner with an obscene remark astir the Queen.

But overall, it was a relaxed night, with fans waving their flags and lighting flares successful beforehand of the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, known arsenic the “altar of the fatherland”.

Police lined the monument, wherever an eternal occurrence burns astatine Italy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but, different than immoderate instances of bottles being thrown astatine police, determination was nary of the occupation that had been forecast.

In fact, the section Rome conception of Il Messaggero called it a “magic night”.

Although the ambiance is 1 of delight successful Italy, it’s not gleeful – and successful places it’s generous, too. “The Great Shame of 2018 [in which Italy failed to suffice for the World Cup] is present forgotten,” said the Corriere dello Sport, which besides devotes an full leafage to Roberto Mancini’s end-of-match tears.

And La Repubblica called Italy “an immortal feline that sees the lorry’s headlights connected the motorway but manages to dodge it”.

The paper’s London analogous Antonello Guerrera, meanwhile, labelled Jordan Pickford “extraordinary” and said that “gentleman” Gareth Southgate was “a bully patriot, the glue sticking a divided state backmost together”.

“The calm manager has transformed a federation of clans and primadonnas into a radical of bonzer harmony and competence,” helium wrote – though helium couldn’t assistance noting that England’s “curse” continues.

In fact, “Wembley was a puddle,” wrote writer Marco Evangelisti successful Il Messaggero. “Everyone cried – winners and losers. Happiness and desperation, aft a past truthful agelong and aggravated that... it’s intolerable not to recognize however overmuch a occurrence similar this means.”

Italy’s supporters observe their team's triumph


Romans agreed – and they besides knew however overmuch it meant to England.

“I’m atrocious – I truly thought we would lose,” said 1 paper seller connected Monday morning.

Eike Schmidt, the football-loving manager of the Uffizi Galleries, said that Italy has present “assumed the relation of warring for and speaking for the full of Europe.”

He added that Dante – who died successful 1321 – was the antheral to bash it “on a taste level”. A time earlier, connected their Facebook page, the Uffizi had compared the last to a contention betwixt the 2 nations’ taste heavyweights, captained by Dante and Shakespeare.

They weren’t the lone ones getting poetic. So excited was newspaper-seller Pola that helium had written a poem to his customers successful Roman dialect, and pinned it up successful his kiosk.

Wembley “suddenly became the Colosseum”, helium wrote.

“We thought we were going nether aft 2 minutes, but we weren’t lost.

“We pulled retired our pridefulness and partisans, and past we made it connected penalties.

“We’re champions! It’s true, and it’s beauteous too.

“And the hurricane [of the English]… was lone a small breeze.”

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