Jordanian court to announce verdict in alleged royal plot

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A Jordanian authorities information tribunal is expected to denote a verdict Monday successful the proceedings of 2 erstwhile officials accused of plotting with the half-brother of King Abdullah II to foment unrest successful the Western-allied kingdom.

Bassem Awadallah, a U.S. national and erstwhile apical adjutant to the king, and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, a subordinate of the royal family, were arrested successful April implicit an alleged crippled against the kingdom involving Prince Hamzah, the king's half-brother and a erstwhile crown prince.

The royal household says it resolved the quality with Hamzah, whose nonstop presumption is chartless but was ne'er formally charged. Awadallah's U.S. lawyer says his lawsuit alleged helium was tortured successful Jordanian detention and fears for his life.

The 3 Jordanians were accused of fomenting unrest against the monarch portion soliciting overseas help. Hamzah denied the allegations successful video statements released successful April aft helium was placed nether location arrest, saying helium was being silenced for speaking retired against corruption and mediocre governance by the ruling system.

Both defendants person pleaded not blameworthy to sedition and incitement charges, which transportation lengthy situation terms.

Abdullah is expected successful Washington connected July 19, erstwhile helium volition beryllium the archetypal Arab person to conscionable with President Joe Biden astatine the White House Jordan is simply a adjacent U.S. state successful the Middle East and is seen arsenic a cardinal spouse successful yet reviving the Israeli-Palestinian bid process.

Michael Sullivan, a erstwhile national authoritative hired by Awadallah's U.S.-based family, told The Associated Press that the closed-door trial, which consisted of conscionable six hearings, “has been wholly unfair."

Awadallah says helium has been been beaten, subjected to electrical daze and was threatened with aboriginal mistreatment “if helium didn’t confess," Sullivan said.

The tribunal denied requests by Jordanian defence lawyers to telephone witnesses and prosecutors lone shared purported transcripts, but not audio, from surveillance of the alleged plotters.

The prosecutor’s bureau astatine the authorities information tribunal denied the proceedings was unfair, saying Awadallah was fixed owed process successful enactment with Jordanian instrumentality and was not mistreated successful immoderate way. It said Awadallah lone raised the torture allegations arsenic the verdict neared.

Sullivan, a erstwhile U.S. lawyer for Massachusetts and erstwhile acting manager of the national Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said that based connected the mode the proceedings was conducted, a blameworthy verdict appeared to beryllium a foregone conclusion. He said immoderate condemnation would beryllium appealed.

Awadallah, who besides holds Jordanian and Saudi citizenship, served arsenic caput of the royal tribunal and authorities curate successful Jordan. He has extended concern interests successful the Gulf and has advised Saudi Arabia’s almighty crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, connected attracting overseas investment. The Awadallah household urged the Biden medication to telephone for his release.

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