Italy allows rescued migrants' vessel to dock in Sicily, NGO says

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Italy has allowed the Ocean Viking, the SOS Méditerranée oversea rescue vessel, to dock successful Sicily Friday, paving the mode for the disembarkation of 572 rescued migrants.

The NGO announced that the Ocean Viking received the greenlight from Italian maritime authorities Thursday evening.

"It is simply a immense alleviation to cognize that their ordeal astatine oversea is astir implicit and that the six rescues volition yet beryllium completed soon," it added.

On Wednesday, SOS Mediterranee appealed to the European Union to find a harmless larboard and disembark the migrants, who were rescued connected committee the Ocean Viking.

The NGO raised the alarm arsenic it said the humanitarian concern of the rescued migrants were worsening by the hour.

SOS Meditérranée stated that connected Wednesday a migrant jumped overboard.

He was aboriginal rescued by a zodiac rescue vessel and brought backmost connected board.

According to the Italian Ministry of Interior, arsenic of 7 July, 22,375 migrants person reached Italy by sea. That’s a important leap compared to erstwhile 7,554 radical arrived successful 2020.

The United Nations exile bureau UNHCR estimates that 37,853 radical person arrived successful Europe by oversea successful 2020, with 883 accounted arsenic dormant oregon missing.

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