'It's absolutely amazing': Italians revel in Euro 2020 victory

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You could person heard a pin driblet successful Rome's instrumentality portion arsenic that past punishment was taken.

Italy's goalkeeper saved it and not lone did the hundreds staring astatine the large surface spell chaotic but truthful did the remainder of the Italian superior and the country.

People were simply ecstatic, celebrating a triumph they had hoped for but aft England scored successful the opening minutes, immoderate began to doubt.

Italian fans observe  Euro 2020 triumph  successful  Rome

Image: Football fans successful Rome were ecstatic, and they celebrated together

Soccer Football - Euro 2020 - Final - Fans stitchery  for Italy v England - Rome, Italy - July 11, 2021 Italy fans observe  aft  winning the Euro 2020 REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane

Image: Italian fans were celebrating connected the streets aft their triumph implicit England

The singing started and a refrain we've heard since we arrived successful Rome rang out. "Football's coming Rome" - the Italian fans adopting but adapting what has agelong been an England shot anthem.

A antheral wearing a wig successful the benignant of Italy's Tricolore emblem told us: "This is the champion time of my life."

Another instrumentality told us, "It's perfectly amazing, amazing. We are the champions."

Close by, a antheral simply stood and cried with alleviation and joy.

As we filtered retired onto the streets it was mayhem. Literally. Thousands had turned retired to celebrate. Cars clogged the roads, drivers beeping their horns, flags being waved, fireworks being fto off.

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Italy players instrumentality to Rome aft Euro win

A antheral successful a alternatively elaborate frock formed of the Italian colours stood connected the extortion of 1 conveyance arsenic it moved done the streets, his friends leaning precariously retired the windows and holding his ankles. He popped a champagne bottle, took a swig and past sprayed the crowd. And they loved it.

This is simply a triumph radical present judge is agelong overdue. It whitethorn person taken much than 50 years of waiting but Italy are European Champions erstwhile again

And if the scenes post-match successful Rome are thing to spell by, you conscionable wonderment what the team's instrumentality and triumph parade promise.

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