Israeli Millionaire Accused of Undermining Israel’s Security After Allegedly Passing Intel to Iran

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The businessman astatine the halfway of the Shin Bet’s latest probe erstwhile served arsenic a Knesset campaigner for the since-defunct Telem Party aft helium was named arsenic a contender by erstwhile Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon successful 2019. However, helium was ne'er officially registered.

Yaqoub Abu al-Qia’an, an Israeli operation magnate who had a little stint arsenic a Knesset campaigner for the state’s Telem Party, was charged connected Monday with relaying accusation to Iranian quality officials that elaborate definite aspects of the Israeli state.

The Israeli millionaire, who was indicted astatine the Southern District Court successful Beersheba, was specifically charged with interaction with a overseas cause and disclosing accusation to an force of the state.

The Shin Bet information work elaborate aft a gag bid connected the lawsuit was partially lifted that Abu al-Qia’an allegedly kept successful interaction with Haidar al-Mashhadani, a Lebanese-Iraqi antheral who acted arsenic a go-between for Iranian quality authorities.

As for the accusation that was handed implicit to Iranian contacts, reports person indicated it was not classified information. In fact, it’s believed that Abu al-Qia’an’s intel was publically disposable information.

​Citing Channel 12, the Times of Israel reported that the alleged quality that was forked implicit was of “no value,” and that it elaborate the movements of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz - accusation that was already made disposable to the public.

It’s presently unclear however agelong Abu al-Qia’an maintained his interaction with al-Mashhadani, however predominant the conversations were held betwixt Abu al-Qia’an and al-Mashhadani, arsenic good arsenic the identities of Iranian officials who received the updates.

Although thing ever materialized, it has besides been elaborate that Abu al-Qia’an inquired astir having covert, in-person meetings with Iranian operatives. Abu al-Qia’an’s efforts were besides reportedly tied to the millionaire’s involvement successful expanding his ain concern opportunities. 

According to YNet News, Abu al-Qia’an rejected the accusations during Monday’s tribunal proceedings, vowing that helium did not perpetrate immoderate nationalist information offenses. He aboriginal opted to afloat retreat his past confession aft stating parts of his connection were fabricated. 

However, Abu al-Qia’an did admit to having knowingly held concern ties with a overseas agent.

Abu al-Qia’an was initially arrested connected June 10, with Israeli officials having kept him successful custody for weeks without filing charges oregon granting the businessman interaction with his ineligible representatives. Reports of his lawsuit lone precocious surfaced aft the Ashkelon District Court partially raised a gag bid connected the developments.

The millionaire’s lawsuit comes months aft reports detailed that an Israeli work subordinate was recovered dormant successful his jailhouse compartment aft having been detained for reportedly harming Israeli nationalist security. Little is known astir the case, arsenic it excessively was slapped with a gag order.

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