Iraq fire: At least 50 dead as blaze rips through Covid ward in hospital

2 weeks ago 13

AT LEAST 50 radical person died and implicit 67 injured aft a deadly occurrence engulfed a coronavirus isolation section astatine a infirmary successful the confederate metropolis of Nassiriya successful Iraq.

Dubai explosion: Emergency services conflict blaze connected scene

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The occurrence is presently said to beryllium nether power but hunt operations are inactive underway. The decease toll is expected to spell up arsenic the hunt efforts continue.

Sixteen radical were rescued from the hospital.

Haydar al-Zamili, a spokesperson for the section wellness authorities, told AFP that the “fire… ripped done the Covid isolation ward”.

He added: “The victims died of burns and the hunt is continuing.”

Mr al-Zamili suggested that galore radical could inactive beryllium wrong the building.

 At slightest  50 dormant   successful  Covid ward blaze successful  hospital

Iraq fire: At slightest 50 dormant successful Covid ward blaze successful infirmary (Image: Getty)

There are conflicting reports arsenic to the origin of the fire.

One wellness authoritative from Dhi Qar state said the blaze was caused by an oxygen vessel explosion.

However later, officials suggested that the occurrence whitethorn person started owed to an electrical abbreviated circuit

A wellness idiosyncratic described the trouble of the rescue efforts.

They told Reuters: “Raging fires person trapped galore patients wrong the coronavirus ward and rescue teams are struggling to scope them.”

Footage uploaded to societal media showed the immense occurrence with columns of heavy fume coming from it.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi summoned an exigency gathering with ministers and apical information commanders, his bureau confirmed successful a statement.

A Reuters newsman who was astatine the country said: "Health crews carried charred bodies retired of the burning infirmary portion galore patients were coughing from the rising smoke.”

Mohamed Al-Halbousi, Iraq’s Parliament Speaker, took to Twitter to denounce the “failure” to support Iraqis.

He wrote: “The catastrophe of Al-Hussein Hospital is wide impervious of the nonaccomplishment to support the lives of Iraqis, and it is clip to enactment an extremity to this.”

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