Haitians Fear Gang Violence, But Are Also Wary Of International Intervention

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Haitians Fear Gang Violence, But Are Also Wary Of International Intervention

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Yvens Rumbold for an overview of peacekeeping efforts successful Haiti, similar the arguable bequest of U.N. peacekeepers from 2004 to 2017 and the section actions underway now.


A squad of U.S. officials is present helping Haiti analyse who killed the country's president past week. But contempt calls from Haiti's interim authorities for information assistance, the U.S. is not presently pledging subject support. Security is the apical contented for galore Haitians close now, according to Yvens Rumbold. He's manager of communications for Policite, a nationalist argumentation deliberation vessel successful Haiti. He says galore Haitians stay suspicious of planetary peacekeeping intervention, but helium besides seldom leaves his location due to the fact that thoroughfare unit has grown drastically successful the past 3 years.

YVENS RUMBOLD: Well, it is mostly gangs against gangs, but besides gangs against the population. Because, like, past week, determination was a caregiver who was helping idiosyncratic successful an ambulance, and she was changeable to death. And this is simply a existent fearfulness due to the fact that truthful galore radical person died. We have, similar - for the past 3 years, astatine slightest 470 radical person died owed to the unit and massacres successful the neighborhoods, and 83 radical person disappeared. So it's not, like, lone due to the fact that of the governmental vacuum. We are not definite if the nationalist constabulary tin basal against the gangs.

CORNISH: Can you speech astir what planetary peacekeeping efforts person been similar successful Haiti? What is the past there?

RUMBOLD: Well, it is simply a agelong and bittersweet past of U.N. and U.S. intervention, adjacent France and Canadian involution successful Haiti. We are - we don't have, like, close present the feeling of restitution aft each of these interventions. The past 1 is the U.N. one. That started successful 2004 aft President Aristide went to exile, and it lasted 13 years.

CORNISH: So determination is this U.N. ngo successful 2004 that galore Haitians judge brought a cholera outbreak to the country. There was besides reports of intersexual maltreatment by U.N. peacekeepers. So would Haitians invited planetary peacekeeping enactment close now, oregon are radical excessively suspicious?

RUMBOLD: Of course, you each cognize astir the cholera outbreak that the U.N. peacekeepers brought to Haiti, but this concern has near Haitian precise skeptical astir immoderate U.N. involution successful the future. You're not going to find the civilian society, the Haitian civilian society, the organized groups requesting an involution whatsoever.

CORNISH: What are you going to beryllium looking for implicit the adjacent fewer days and weeks? We started this speech with you saying that things tin unravel quickly.

RUMBOLD: We don't know. Like, what we are hoping for is for the existent radical that are warring for the powerfulness successful Haiti close present - they tin person a statement to person benignant of a modulation authorities truthful they tin pb america to elections. Not this twelvemonth - it's not going to hap this year, but possibly adjacent twelvemonth oregon the twelvemonth after. That is what we are hoping for.

CORNISH: So elections successful the adjacent 2 years, you're saying. That is the hope.

RUMBOLD: Yes, that is the hope. We don't deliberation that the existent - this interim authorities volition beryllium capable to mobilize the Haitian colonisation to spell to ballot due to the fact that they can't resoluteness the information problem. The main occupation for america close present is the information problem, the information issue. If we don't spot the authorities to organize, to resoluteness the information issue, we're not going to spot them successful organizing elections successful Haiti.

CORNISH: What are radical saying successful this moment?

RUMBOLD: All eyes are close present connected the assassination of the Haitian president. It's not connected COVID. It's not connected the food. It's not connected the situation that is going on. It's connected the assassination of the president. Like, everyone wants to cognize who was down the commando, who deals with the radical that came to Haiti, when. And determination is benignant of a mixed feeling due to the fact that we don't spot the government. We don't spot it. We don't cognize if the existent interim authorities is telling the truth. That's the main problem. And of course, due to the fact that of the incompetence of the Haitian constabulary close now, we cannot genuinely accidental that each the accusation that we get from the constabulary is truthful.

CORNISH: Yvens Rumbold, convey you truthful overmuch for speaking with us.

RUMBOLD: Thank you precise overmuch for your time.

CORNISH: Yvens Rumbold is manager of communications for Policite, a nationalist argumentation deliberation vessel successful Haiti.

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