Guatemalan president threatens to crack down on protests

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The president of Guatemala is vowing to ace down connected demonstrators complaining of mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and protesting delays successful shipments of Russia's Sputnik vaccine

July 12, 2021, 9:18 PM

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A assemblage of astir 300 protesters gathered Saturday successful the main quadrate of the superior to request the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei for his nonaccomplishment to get capable vaccine.

On Monday, banners appeared connected respective streets successful Guatemala City demanding Giammattei resign.

Referring to the protests, Giammattei said: “We are going to bounds this benignant of thing. I deliberation this is capable already.”

“These radical are spreading the microorganism and causing much problems, that is what they privation and they are spreading it done a bid of amerciable demonstrations,” helium added.

Giammattei signed a woody for 16 cardinal doses of the two-dose Russian vaccine, and paid 50%, oregon astir $80 million, up front. But lone astir 550,000 Sputnik doses person arrived truthful far.

About 1.5 cardinal doses of the Moderna vaccine person been donated by the United States. But with conscionable implicit 2 cardinal doses, Guatemala doesn't person astir capable for its 17 cardinal people.

Opposition legislator Andrea Villagrán said it was unacceptable that the authorities was focusing its efforts connected limiting protests alternatively than containing the pandemic.

“What helium truly wants is to quash state of expression,” Villagrán said. “If helium truly wanted to code the contented of the pandemic, determination are different mechanisms they are not using, similar ensuring that malls, restaurants and tourer spots comply with (sanitary) measures.”

So far, Guatemala has registered astir 320,000 coronavirus cases and 9,721 COVID-19 deaths.

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