Ferrari eyes road and track innovation with AWS as its official cloud provider

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A adjacent  up   of a reddish  Ferrari from behind.

Ferrari eyes roadworthy  and way   innovation with AWS arsenic  its authoritative  unreality  provider

Amazon Web Services, (AWS), has entered into an statement with Ferrari to go its authoritative cloud, instrumentality learning, and artificial quality provider. 

Together, the companies volition accelerate the gait of innovation crossed the full Ferrari organisation, including their roadworthy cars department, GT Competitions, the Ferrari Challenge, and the Scuderia Ferrari FORMULA 1 (F1) team. 

Ferrari volition usage AWS’s services and planetary infrastructure, including the AWS Europe (Milan) region, to streamline plan and investigating of its cars, giving customers the astir breathtaking driving experiences possible. In addition, Scuderia Ferrari volition leverage AWS to motorboat a integer instrumentality engagement platform, via its mobile app, to prosecute hundreds of millions of fans worldwide with exclusive, personalized content.

Data driven

Mattia Binotto, main of Scuderia Ferrari, said: “Ferrari and AWS some correspond excellence successful their fields. As our Official Cloud Provider, I firmly judge AWS volition alteration our institution to go a data-driven organisation that uses the powerfulness of exertion to amended our products, summation engagement with Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide, and present continuously much breathtaking driving experiences.

“We chose AWS due to the fact that of their relentless absorption connected innovation, unmatched portfolio of capabilities, and proven acquisition supporting partners successful the automotive and sports industries. Throughout our storied history, Ferrari has had racing and innovation astatine our core, and present we look guardant to applying AWS instrumentality learning, precocious analytics, and precocious show computing crossed the institution to present deeper insights and adjacent much almighty cars.”

As a shaper of immoderate of the world’s highest-performing cars, Ferrari volition trust connected AWS’ precocious analytics, instrumentality learning, compute, retention and database capabilities to rapidly execute insights into car plan and show connected the roadworthy and track. Ferrari volition leverage Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), with a scope of specialized lawsuit types for businesslike precocious show computing (HPC), to tally analyzable simulations that trial car show nether a wide assortment of driving conditions and racing scenarios. 

As Ferrari moves from simulation to assembly of its caller roadworthy conveyance prototypes, it volition use AWS analytics and Amazon SageMaker (AWS’s work that helps developers and information scientists build, bid and deploy instrumentality learning models rapidly successful the unreality and astatine the edge) to pass investigating and summation deeper insights into however its parts and cars execute nether existent satellite conditions. 

Car performance

To enactment this enactment and its simulations, Ferrari volition physique a information water with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and usage AWS Lake Formation to rapidly and securely gather, catalogue and cleanable hundreds of petabytes of data. Ferrari volition analyse factors that interaction car show and operator handling, specified arsenic motor somesthesia astatine antithetic conveyance speeds, conveyance vibration patterns connected antithetic roadworthy surfaces, and suspension loads that impact however the conveyance grips the road. 

Ferrari volition besides leverage AWS to marque it easier for existent and prospective customers to build, acquisition and support their cars. Using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon DynamoDB (AWS’ afloat managed key-value database), Ferrari volition beryllium capable to rapidly create, deploy and standard improved integer experiences specified arsenic the Ferrari Car Configurator. Consumers tin usage the Configurator to custom-build their car and past immerse themselves successful it utilizing high-resolution 2D and 3D visualisations.

In addition, for F1 racing fans, Scuderia Ferrari volition usage AWS compute, containers and media services to powerfulness a caller integer instrumentality engagement level via its mobile app that volition inform, educate, and entertain their fans. Upon creating customised profiles, fans volition person exclusive contented specified arsenic virtual entree to the Scuderia Ferrari store and hospitality suite connected contention days. Moving forward, Ferrari plans to physique virtual and augmented world experiences connected AWS that bring fans into the store to interact with drivers and squad personnel.

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