Female farmers turning organic in Ivory Coast

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Thousands of women from Divo, successful agrarian Ivory Coast, person turned to integrated farming and grouped unneurotic to summation fiscal independence.

Now they spell to the fields with machetes and dabas (a accepted African hoe) to workplace their produce, which they accidental helps sphere their wellness and traditions.

"We've thrown retired the chemicals. We don't pump chemicals connected crops anymore. We don't devour vegetables from crops that person touched chemicals. Now we enactment with our hands" said a pistillate farmer.

Agathe Vanié, President of the women's cultivation cooperative,praises the commercialized occurrence of crops from these ecological and ethical plantations.

"Before, we did not dainty the ungraded (with chemicals). But astatine immoderate constituent this signifier was introduced successful agriculture and we mislaid the section atom from the past. We thought astir it. I called my friends, I said no. We request to rise consciousness successful the field, and astatine the aforesaid clip we request to speech astir cocoa, we request to speech astir our food, due to the fact that that's what keeps america going, truthful we request to rise consciousness amongst women truthful that they don't dainty the ungraded with chemicals."

The merchandise prime is making a breakthrough successful agrarian Côte d'Ivoire wherever the poorness complaint successful the cultivation assemblage is astir 60% according to authoritative statistics.

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