Fans go from euphoria to despair as England falls short

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England supporters respond  successful  the designated instrumentality   portion    astatine  Trafalgar Square successful  London, Sunday, July 11, 2021, aft  Italy won the Euro 2020 shot    title  last  lucifer  betwixt  England and Italy played astatine  Wembley Stadium.

By Jill LawlessThe Associated Press

Sun., July 11, 20213 min. read

LONDON (AP) — So close.

It took conscionable a fewer weeks to undo decades of pessimism for England fans, persuading millions that the squad could defy decades of disappointment and triumph a large planetary shot tourney for the archetypal clip since 1966.

For overmuch of Sunday’s last against Italy, it felt similar it might.

But erstwhile Italy won the European Championship successful a 3-2 punishment shootout, pursuing a close-fought lucifer that ended 1-1 aft other time, fans sat with heads successful hands. At a instrumentality portion successful Croydon, southbound London, friends hugged 1 different successful consolation arsenic a DJ played Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back successful Anger.”

Hundreds who had gathered for hours successful London’s Trafalgar Square filed disconnected dejectedly, breached solid from brew bottles crunching underfoot.

In Newcastle, bluish England, the assemblage watching astatine a instrumentality portion applauded the dejected team.

“We person travel truthful far, winning would person topped it each off,” said 18-year-old pupil Millie Carson. “The squad has brought the state together. Everyone has been loving beingness successful these hard times.”

But 1 instrumentality expressed a wide consciousness of frustration, shouting: “I cannot bash this anymore.”

England’s past triumph astatine a large planetary tourney was the 1966 World Cup, earlier the lifetimes of astir radical successful the country. Many fans said that careless of the outcome, a half-century unreality had been lifted by manager Gareth Southgate’s young and dynamic team.

The team’s astonishing occurrence astatine the Euros has been a balm for galore successful England aft decades of dashed hopes, much than a twelvemonth of pandemic restrictions and much than 128,000 coronavirus-related deaths successful the U.K..

Even shot skeptics who associated English fans with drunken boorishness and xenophobia got down the young, multi-ethnic squad whose members took a genu against racism earlier games, supported LGBT pride, campaigned against poorness -- and vanquished longstanding rivals similar Germany.

“It had created this consciousness of optimism wrong the state that we hadn’t been capable to person for ages, and this was our infinitesimal to recognize that we could truly bring thing home,“ said Luke McGee, a instrumentality successful London.

“We had done truthful good the full tourney and to suffer close astatine the past infinitesimal was truly rather devastating.”

On Sunday queues formed extracurricular pubs earlier opening clip astatine noon arsenic radical sought a large surface and institution for the evening match.

Some started the enactment excessively soon, and a number caused drunken mayhem. Hours earlier the game, fans packed pubs, clubs and outdoor instrumentality zones successful towns and cities crossed England. Central London’s Leicester Square became a oversea of discarded nutrient wrappers, integrative bags and brew bottles arsenic hundreds of fans sang and partied; immoderate threw bottles and acceptable disconnected flares.

Thousands of fans without tickets descended connected Wembley Stadium, immoderate scrambling up trees and postulation lights to alert the England flag. There were chaotic scenes arsenic information unit and constabulary scuffled with hundreds who tried to tempest barriers and participate the stadium.

Wembley officials initially insisted nary 1 without tickets had got inside, but London’s Metropolitan Police said “a tiny number” of ticketless fans had entered the 90,000-seat stadium, wherever capableness was expected to beryllium constricted to a pandemic-restricted 67,000.

Bottles were thrown arsenic fans near Wembley aft the game, and constabulary successful riot cogwheel stood by. Some fans successful London’s Trafalgar Square lashed retired aft the decision by kicking fences, smashing bottles, overturning garbage bins and warring with 1 another.

The Metropolitan Police said 45 radical had been arrested crossed London passim the day.

Earlier, hundreds had gathered to ticker the crippled connected large screens astatine an authoritative instrumentality portion successful the square, increasing progressively soggy but undaunted successful the London rain.



“I ne'er thought I’d spot thing similar this successful my lifetime,” said 32-year-old instrumentality Neil James earlier kickoff. “I can’t adjacent comprehend the thought England could triumph something. I conscionable privation to portion and portion contiguous — enactment time is connected the backmost burner.”

As they absorbed Sunday’s defeat, immoderate fans were already looking toward adjacent year’s World Cup successful Qatar.

“I’m gutted,” said 19-year-old Jake Shepherd successful Newcastle. “But this sets america for the World Cup — who says we cannot triumph it?”

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