Even in the U.S. he couldn't escape the label 'untouchable'

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SAN FRANCISCO — Prem Pariyar believed helium had near caste oppression down erstwhile helium moved from Nepal to the United States.

Here, helium would nary longer beryllium targeted arsenic an “untouchable.”

But arsenic a edifice idiosyncratic successful the Bay Area, Pariyar said, helium endured immoderate of the aforesaid favoritism and exclusion helium faced successful his location country. He was ordered to chop up a ample sack of onions successful little than an hour, and erstwhile helium had to stock an flat with different Nepali immigrants, helium was barred from sharing a chamber with those of a ascendant caste.

While doing societal enactment successful Nepal, helium had spoken retired publically to support Dalits, arsenic members of oppressed castes telephone themselves. In California helium recovered helium had to presume the relation of activistic erstwhile again.

In a twelvemonth erstwhile Black Lives Matter and anti-Asian-hate movements person raised consciousness of systemic racism and discrimination, galore Dalit activists person taken a corporate stance to code the intolerance and unit that person followed them into their nonrecreational and acquisition careers successful the United States. Formerly known arsenic untouchables, Dalits autumn astatine the bottommost of a centuries-old South Asian societal hierarchy that affects the lives of implicit a 4th of a cardinal radical worldwide, including galore successful the U.S.

Prem Pariyar stands astatine  an bureau   door.

Prem Pariyar speaks to a Cal State East Bay prof April 12 portion moving connected a solution to prohibition caste-based favoritism connected Cal State campuses.

(Nani Walker / Los Angeles Times)

By tradition, caste is handed down astatine commencement and determines a person’s societal presumption based connected alleged spiritual purity. In this feudal system, those deemed impure are excluded from each spheres of life, including entree and accidental to acquisition and work.

Although caste favoritism is officially banned successful India and different countries successful the region, the signifier continues among South Asian communities.

According to the advocacy radical Human Rights Watch, “police proceed to detain, torture, and extort wealth from Dalits without overmuch fearfulness of punishment.” The radical says Dalit women are disproportionally raped and forced into prostitution.

Though a idiosyncratic whitethorn not uncover their caste background, that soundlessness won’t needfully spare them from favoritism due to the fact that definite surnames oregon professions are associated with peculiar castes, arsenic are geographic areas.

“We presumption ‘untouchable’ arsenic an epithet,” said Thenmozhi Soundararajan, laminitis of Equality Labs, a nonprofit enactment focused connected ending what it calls caste apartheid. “No 1 gets to find our positions toward God, and that’s wherefore we telephone ourselves Dalit. It means 1 who is breached but besides 1 who is resilient.”

Pariyar embodies that resilience. He earned a bachelor’s grade successful acquisition successful Nepal and came to the U.S. successful 2015 to question asylum aft being persecuted by dominant-caste radical due to the fact that helium had decried caste atrocities successful Nepal.

In clip helium was capable to permission his edifice occupation and go a pupil astatine Cal State East Bay successful Hayward, wherever helium earned a master’s grade successful societal work. Soon, Pariyar said, helium faced ostracism connected field too. Nepali students kept their distance, and a dominant-caste classmate from India blocked his attempts to signifier a league connected field astir Dalit rights. The league was ne'er held.

Many dominant-caste radical contradict caste exists.

But the signifier of untouchability has been documented successful the United States by Equality Labs.

GIF illustration shows figures successful  an bureau   mounting  with the wording "You are a Dalit tech worker."

Experience beingness arsenic a Dalit idiosyncratic moving successful a tech office. Comments were collected by Equality Labs. For the afloat augmented-reality experience, motorboat the link successful your mobile browser.

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In 2016, the nonprofit conducted a survey of 1,500 South Asians successful the United States and recovered that 1 successful 3 Dalit students surveyed reported being discriminated against during their acquisition successful the U.S. and 2 retired of 3 Dalits said they had been treated unfairly astatine their workplace successful the U.S.

On June 30, 2020, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a federal suit against Cisco Systems for alleged caste-based favoritism against a Dalit technologist by 2 dominant-caste managers. Without explanation, the section aboriginal dropped the suit successful national tribunal and refiled successful authorities court, wherever it is pending.

In a statement, Cisco said it did not tolerate favoritism and took complaints of mistreatment seriously.

“While caste is not presently protected nether U.S. favoritism laws, we enactment legislative efforts to guarantee a just and adjacent workplace for all,” the connection said. “In this case, we thoroughly and afloat investigated the employee’s concerns and recovered that helium was treated fairly, highly compensated, and afforded opportunities to enactment connected coveted projects. If we had recovered immoderate favoritism oregon retaliation, we would person remediated it.”

“The tech manufacture has been a bastion of caste bigotry,” said Soundararajan. Her enactment heard from scores of tech workers who said co-workers oregon supervisors discriminated against them due to the fact that of their caste. “We had 250 complaints,” she said, “and it was each azygous tech institution you could imagine.”

Soundararajan shared screenshots of casteist comments from Blind, an anonymous tech forum. Some writers near crude remarks astir Dalits, portion others argued determination was thing incorrect with the caste system.

One user, VmBW03, wrote:

“How tin caste beryllium derogatory? It’s beyond me. Caste is thing antithetic from surname. It’s similar ethnicity. Unless you are not arrogant of your ethnicity, nary request to beryllium ashamed of your caste. I for illustration americium arrogant to beryllium of a Brahmin background.”

Soundararajan points retired that galore tech companies person Indians successful enactment positions who are chiefly Brahmin, oregon precocious caste.

“There’s nary mode that they don’t recognize the ramifications of caste,” Soundararajan said. “And what’s ironic is galore of these companies successful their operations successful India and South Asia bash person caste arsenic a protected category. They conscionable person refused to instrumentality that astatine a planetary level, which has present created progressive harm for their caste-oppressed employees present successful the United States.”

Tech companies — Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter, among them — accidental they bash not tolerate favoritism successful the workplace and that their anti-harassment policies screen mistreatment based connected caste.

Some tech workers are speaking retired against caste favoritism successful the U.S. In April, the recently formed Alphabet Workers Union released a statement successful enactment of the suit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Cisco. The connection includes the Google genitor company’s anti-discrimination argumentation successful India, which includes caste arsenic a protected class but points retired that caste is excluded successful the U.S. and encourages the institution to perpetrate to caste equity.

“Much of our travel that we person to bash arsenic a assemblage is to statesman to person unfastened conversations astir these taboo responsibility lines,” she said, “and beryllium honorable that the problems are occurring, truthful we tin enactment unneurotic to find the remedies.”

Prem Pariyar, successful  a mask, walks on  a sidewalk carrying a cardboard box.

Prem Pariyar, a societal worker, distributes nutrient to South and Southeast Asian immigrants successful Oakland connected April 3 arsenic portion of a pandemic alleviation program.

(Nani Walker / Los Angeles Times)

After years of Dalit-led assemblage organizing, the Cal State Student Assn. passed a solution successful April seeking a prohibition connected caste-based favoritism astatine its 23 campuses, representing astir fractional a cardinal students successful California.

Pariyar, 37, has been a driving unit successful the question to inquire for caste protections from 1 of the largest nationalist assemblage systems successful the United States. A Cal State spokesperson, providing fewer details, said the solution was nether discussion.

“I don’t privation my kids to turn up arsenic untouchable, Dalits. I don’t privation them to beryllium limited,” helium said. “I don’t privation them to beryllium untouchables successful the United States.”

He recalled his archetypal memories of being excluded arsenic a kid erstwhile his teacher asked him to bring a jug of h2o to the classroom. She took a sip. When chap students outed him arsenic an “untouchable,” helium said, she spit retired the water.

All the students started laughing.

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