Euro 2020: Europeans lambast England fans but salute their team as a force for unity

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From a post-Brexit headache which inspires hostility towards foreigners to an obsession with fulfilling a humanities mission, Europeans saw England’s Euro 2020 run arsenic being arsenic overmuch astir authorities arsenic sport.

Italians, of course, delighted successful their triumph aft the Azzuri bushed England pursuing a tense punishment shootout, but immoderate media could not defy poking amusive astatine their defeated opponents.

“Too beautiful, Italy champions of Europe,” ran the beforehand leafage successful the Gazetta dello Sport newspaper.

Tuttosport proudly utilized the headline: “There’s lone us!”, but it could not defy adding: “Football came home”, a notation to England’s content that 55 years without winning a large planetary trophy was astir to travel to an end.

French media was afloat of admiration for Italy, with L’Equippe, the biggest sports newspaper, calling the Azzurri “Invincibles”.

While Italy received praise, England fans attracted disapproval implicit however immoderate responded to their team’s loss.

Police arrested 49 fans aft clashes betwixt officers and ticketless spectators who tried to tempest into Wembley Stadium.  Nineteen constabulary officers were wounded during the incidents.

After missing penalties, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were flooded with racist maltreatment online, which was condemned by the Football Association, who said it was “disgusting behaviour”.

Some shot fans successful Denmark besides seized upon the uglier aspects of past night’s game, claiming women would look convulsive attacks and that the crippled was utilized arsenic an excuse for vandalism.

“Many women tin look guardant to being beaten tonight. This is simply a wide occupation – not conscionable a few,” tweeted Jakob Kjaergaard, from Denmark.

Esben Suurballe, besides from Denmark who described himself arsenic an an anglophile, said immoderate unit from English fans was thing caller and claimed that it had got worse since Brexit.

“There person been problems with fans of the English nationalist squad for decades – and it has gotten worse post-Brexit. There is present nary crushed to contradict it,” helium tweeted.

However, Tinne Hjersing Knudsen, main UK analogous for DR, Denmark’s nationalist broadcaster, sprang to England’s defence and said that galore Danes were inactive aggravated by their semi-final decision to England.

“Seeing a batch of hatred towards the English tonight. Keep successful caput that determination are implicit 50 cardinal of them,” she tweeted.

“And dissimilar different people, they talk a connection successful which we recognize everything anserine they say. There are really, many, galore bully and decent radical successful this country.”

Elsewhere successful Scandinavia, determination was a sympathetic cognition towards the England team, according to Swedish sports writer Johanna Franden, though galore fans felt they were ne'er going to triumph the punishment sprout out.

“The radical maltreatment towards the punishment takers has been discussed a batch connected societal media. The wide feeling is besides that they were ne'er going to triumph successful the punishment shoot-out,” Ms Franden, of Aftonbladet, the largest paper successful Scandinavia, told The Independent.

“All successful each a bully tourney from England, a squad that has arsenic galore supporters successful Sweden. There is this feeling ‘they volition ne'er win’ of course.”

Commentators successful Spain noted however Euro 2020 became arsenic overmuch astir uniting down the England squad which successful the past had been seen arsenic a divisive force.

Trying to combat racism among fans oregon utilizing “Sweet Caroline” arsenic the opus which became an unofficial anthem for fans and players alike were each symbols of a caller team, said David Álvarez, a writer for El Pais, a Spanish newspaper.

“England’s way successful this European Championship seems designed to close a humanities disenchantment aft truthful galore years of disappointment since 1966. They seemed obsessed with history.

“They person made a batch of advancement successful reconnecting with the radical and the fans,” helium told The Independent.

Mr Álvarez added: “They person done this done taking the knee, by Harry Kane wearing the rainbow armband during the Germany game, and by assorted societal initiatives similar Marcus Rashford helping children who bash not person capable to eat.”

In Germany, determination appeared to beryllium immoderate relish that England had fallen astatine the punishment sprout retired – which has dogged the nationalist squad successful the past.

The punishment shoot-out, of course, was the absorption of the beforehand leafage header of Süddeutsche Zeitung, a nationalist daily, which finished its study by focusing connected however England failed astatine the past hurdle.

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