EU Covid panic! Nations reimpose strict measures as cases surge

2 weeks ago 24

Coronaviruses volition 'keep jumping' to humans warns Zephaniah

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Countries specified arsenic Greece and Spain person seen regular cases much than treble owed to a emergence successful the Delta variant of Covid. Meanwhile, Ursula von der Leyen has said the EU reached its vaccine target.

In the Netherlands, regular cases person risen astir sevenfold arsenic the Delta variant takes hold. 

According to OurWorldInData, the seven-day lawsuit mean for the Dutch has risen from 49.2 per cardinal radical connected July 4 to 328.7 connected Sunday.

In effect Prime Minister Mark Rutte has reimposed restrictions, wherever cafes and bars are required to unopen astatine midnight, and nightclubs and discos indispensable enactment closed. 

He warned Dutch residents: “Be sensible. Keep parties tiny and manageable; instrumentality to the basal rules.”

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the media during her authoritative  sojourn  to Zagreb, Croatia, connected  July 08, 2021

EU latest: Members of the bloc are reimposing Covid measures amid surging cases (Image: PA)

Mark Rutte contiguous   during Veterans Day, the yearly  tribute to each  Dutch veterans 26-Jun-2021

EU latest: Mark Rutte has reimposed restrictions successful the Netherlands arsenic cases roseate sevenfold (Image: PA)

Spain has seen cases emergence from 157 per cardinal to 316, with immoderate areas seeing restrictions reimposed.

Catalonia has reimposed curbs connected nightlife successful an effort to tame an summation chiefly among unvaccinated young people.

After an "exponential" emergence successful cases successful caller days, officials successful the autonomous portion successful the northeast of Spain said they had nary prime but to reimpose restrictions.

Patricia Plaja, a spokeswoman for the determination authorities told a quality conference: “The pandemic has not ended, the caller variants are precise contagious and we inactive person important segments of the colonisation that are not vaccinated.”

French President Emmanuel Macron meets with representatives of the automotive manufacture  astatine  the Elys�e Palace successful  Paris, France connected  July 12, 2021

EU latest: Emmanuel Macron person made vaccines mandatory for wellness workers (Image: PA)

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen connected  July 10, 2021 successful  Brussels, Belgium

EU latest: Ursula von der Leyen announced the bloc has delivered vaccines for 70 percent of each nations (Image: PA)

French cases person surged by 65 percent, from an mean of 34 to 56 per cardinal implicit the aforesaid seven-day period.

Emmanuel Macron told citizens helium is striving to execute a 100 percent vaccination complaint crossed the country.

The French President announced vaccinations volition go mandatory for each wellness workers, with a deadline of September 15.

He besides announced a curfew volition beryllium reinstated successful the French territories of Martinique and Reunion Island. 

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The EU’s surge successful cases is owed to the Delta variant (Graphic from July 11) (Image: EXPRESS)

It comes aft the European Commission President shared the EU has delivered capable vaccine doses to springiness jabs to astatine slightest 70 percent of adults.

She said successful a video statement: “The European Union has kept its word. 

“This play we person delivered capable vaccines to subordinate states to beryllium successful a presumption to vaccinate afloat astatine slightest 70 percent of the EU adults this month.

“But Covid-19 is not yet defeated. We are prepared to present much vaccines, including against caller variants.”

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