DONALD TRUMP has been brutally mocked by societal media users aft releasing a cryptic statement.

Donald Trump: Expert connected chances of 2024 presidency run

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The former US President has erstwhile again go the people of disapproval connected Twitter aft issuing a connection containing lone 3 words. Mr Trump, who exited the White House astatine the opening of the year, wrote: "1776, not 1619!"

The connection appears to beryllium a notation to the New York Times' "1619 Project”.

The task seeks to "reframe the country's past by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of achromatic Americans astatine the precise halfway of our nationalist narrative."

In a code made during Sunday’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Mr Trump said helium intended to prohibition captious contention theory.

He said: "We volition wholly defund and barroom captious contention theory. 1776, not 1619, if you don't mind.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump savaged connected Twitter implicit cryptic connection – ‘Sad signifier of communication’ (Image: Getty)

“And if authorities tally schools are going to thatch children to hatred their country, we volition request schoolhouse prime that we already have.

“If you perceive to the media oregon ticker the evening newscast, our state has truly gone bad.

“All we speech astir is race. That's each they speech about. Race. The full amusement - race, race.”

Mr Trump nary longer has entree to his Twitter relationship aft the societal media elephantine banned him pursuing the Capitol Hill riot implicit concerns helium would incite further violence.

Donald Trump household  tree

Donald Trump household histrion (Image: Express)

However, 1 societal media idiosyncratic shared the 45th President’s statement, prompting scathing replies from his critics.

One idiosyncratic said: “Is helium having immoderate benignant of intelligence breakdown?”

Another idiosyncratic added: “Such a bittersweet signifier of communication.”

A 3rd commenter wrote: “Why doesn’t helium conscionable tweet this out… Oh hold lol. Now I remember.”

Some theorised the abbreviated connection could beryllium Mr Trump’s covert mode of inciting an insurrection among his supporters.