Disabled boy told to leave theme park in Chicago

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The Park has apologised for the incidental but called it an isolated 1

Boy speaks retired aft being forced to permission taxable parkland due to the fact that of disability

A 10-year-old disabled lad was precocious told to permission a taxable parkland successful Chicago erstwhile a information defender told his parent that helium was “a liability.”

Jordan Block, who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy and is confined to a wheelchair, had gone to the Crown Fountain astatine Millennium Park past week, wherever the defender allegedly called him a liability, explaining that his wheelchair could origin him to wounded himself oregon others.

This is contempt the website of the Millennium Park intelligibly mentioning that the fountain is designed without edges for radical successful wheelchairs to enjoy.

After the incident, Jordan told CBS News that “there’s not overmuch other I tin do, and that is thing I tin bash – truthful it’s amusive for me. Yeah, I said, like, I’ve been present earlier and person been capable to bash it.”

“I felt excluded from doing it,” helium said.

His parent Megan said that her lad has had the seat since helium was 2 years old. “This is unacceptable! You know, you’re capable to bash this, and it’s cleanable for you, and we’re being told, ‘No!’” she said.

However, Jordan went to the fountain anyhow and neither helium nor anyone other was hurt. “I don’t privation it to hap to anyone else. I privation it to beryllium just for everyone,” helium said.

The Millennium Park, meanwhile, said they are atrocious and called the incidental an isolated 1 portion adding that they person spoken to the circumstantial information serviceman and the full team.

“We were precise atrocious to perceive astir Jordan’s acquisition astatine Millennium Park and we person been successful interaction with the household to apologise. Millennium Park was designed to beryllium universally accessible, and entree is 1 of our department’s halfway values,” it said successful a statement.

“Working intimately with the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, we are committed to ensuring that everyone successful our metropolis has adjacent entree to arts and civilization – including Crown Fountain. We judge this was an isolated incident. We person addressed the contented with the circumstantial information serviceman and with the full information team,” the Park said.

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