Death toll at Miami-area condo collapse site climbs to 94

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In this representation taken from video Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz speaks astir the ongoing rescue efforts astatine the Champlain Towers South connected Saturday, June 26, 2021, successful Surfside, Fla. Diaz, a vaccinated Miami-Dade region commissioner who helped different section officials successful Surfside pursuing the illness of the condominium gathering announced that helium and his main of unit tested affirmative for COVID-19 connected Sunday, July 11. (AP Photo)

By Bobby Caina CalvanThe Associated Press

Mon., July 12, 20212 min. read

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MIAMI (AP) — The decease toll successful the Miami-area condominium illness climbed to 94 Monday arsenic officials planned to measurement up information astatine the tract to marque definite the idiosyncratic possessions of the victims are preserved for their families.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said 22 radical stay unaccounted for successful the June 24 illness of Champlain Towers South, an oceanside condo gathering successful Surfside. Levine Cava said 83 of the victims person been identified but “the process of making identifications has been made much hard arsenic clip goes on.”

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said officials person decided to summation information astir the debris heap to guarantee that the tract is preserved. Only authorized unit volition beryllium allowed.

“It’s evident that this has go overmuch much than a collapsed gathering site,” Burkett said. “It has go a beatified site.”

Miami-Dade Police Department Director Alfredo Ramirez III said determination has been “no criminality” astatine the site, but officials privation to marque definite the country is unafraid truthful crews tin proceed to sphere idiosyncratic items recovered successful the rubble.

“As families are being notified astir their household members, the inquire is ever astir property. People privation immoderate benignant of transportation to their household member, truthful it’s precise important that our process that we person successful spot continues to travel uninterrupted,“ Ramirez said during a greeting quality conference.

“It’s conscionable portion of the process. This is simply a long, painful, hurtful process,” helium said.

Burkett said enactment crews precocious recovered a concern paper for an creator and past recovered respective paintings they cautiously pulled retired of the debris heap to sphere for household members.

Levine Cava besides addressed the announcement Sunday that a vaccinated Miami-Dade region commissioner who helped different section officials successful Surfside has tested affirmative for COVID-19. The quality merchandise from Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz said helium and his main of staff, Isidoro Lopez, who besides received a vaccine against COVID-19, came down with flu-like symptoms earlier successful the time and aboriginal tested affirmative for the virus.

Levine Cava said officials who were successful adjacent proximity to Diaz and Lopez person been tested and each person travel backmost negative. Levine Cava and different officials who spoke astatine Monday’s quality league did not deterioration look masks.

Diaz had participated successful quality conferences and meetings with different officials successful Surfside, the Miami Herald reported.

“Breakthrough” infections — afloat vaccinated individuals who declaration the coronavirus — bash happen, though they are precise rare. An Associated Press analysis of authorities information successful May showed lone astir 1% of specified cases resulted successful hospitalization oregon death. The investigation suggested that astir each COVID-19 deaths successful the U.S. precocious person been successful radical who weren’t vaccinated, a staggering objection of however effectual the shots person been and an denotation that deaths could attack zero if each eligible idiosyncratic gets the vaccine.

Last week, Florida wellness officials reported an summation successful COVID-19 cases and a higher affirmative trial complaint compared with different caller weeks.



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