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Issued on: 12/07/2021 - 16:51

 Silencing a Revolt – a video probe  by the France 24 Observers.

Colombia: Silencing a Revolt – a video probe by the France 24 Observers. © Observers

By: Maëva Poulet | Chloé Lauvergnier

2 min

Major protests that broke retired successful Colombia connected April 28 person been marked by galore acts of unit perpetrated against demonstrators by information forces and equipped civilians alike. In this peculiar report, ‘Colombia: Silencing a Revolt,’ the FRANCE 24 Observers investigated these clashes utilizing the testimonies of our Observers connected the crushed and the investigation of countless amateur videos posted online. 

On April 28, Colombians took to the streets to protestation against a taxation betterment measure projected by the government. The bill, accused of negatively impacting middle- and working-class people, was withdrawn connected May 2, but protesters remained mobilised, denouncing inequality, corruption, the assassination of governmental leaders and constabulary violence. 

Complaints of constabulary unit person lone increased, arsenic videos posted connected societal networks since the protests started amusement galore acts of unit committed by constabulary against protesters connected a regular basis. According to the Colombian NGOs Temblores, Indepaz and Paiis, 44 radical were killed by constabulary during the archetypal 2 months of unrest. 

Moreover, footage taken successful May shows equipped civilians attacking demonstrators, portion constabulary officers look on. 

In this peculiar video investigation, the FRANCE 24 Observers took a person look astatine events successful the cities of Cali and Popayán from May 9 to June 4, wherever amateur videos and our Observers’ testimonies exemplify the silencing of a revolt.