China rejects WHO call for more covid origins research, says plan does not respect science

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China said it volition not judge the World Health Organization’s suggested program for a 2nd signifier of probe into the origins of the coronavirus, pointing to obstacles up for planetary efforts to find the root of the pandemic.

In a quality league connected Thursday, Zeng Yixin, lawman caput of China’s National Health Commission, fired backmost against WHO disapproval of China’s level of cooperation, and said the U.N. agency’s projected enactment program did not respect science.

“To beryllium honest, erstwhile I archetypal saw the WHO’s second-phase traceability plan, I was precise surprised,” helium said. “Because successful this plan, the proposal of ‘China’s usurpation of laboratory procedures causing microorganism leakage’ is 1 of the probe priorities.

“From this point, I tin consciousness the disrespect for communal consciousness and the arrogant cognition towards subject revealed successful this plan.”

He said it was “impossible” for China to judge the proposal.

Last week, WHO manager wide Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced a five-part program for follow-up probe connected the origins of the coronavirus. It called for deeper survey successful geographical areas with aboriginal outbreaks, much probe of carnal markets successful Wuhan, and audits of probe labs adjacent wherever the archetypal cases emerged.

Tedros besides held a quality league successful which helium criticized China’s cooperation, saying the country’s authorities did not stock “raw data” with the WHO squad that visited Wuhan earlier this twelvemonth to analyse the root of the archetypal outbreak.

A associated WHO-China study connected the coronavirus origins released successful March had said the pandemic astir apt began people and called the anticipation of a laboratory leak astatine the root “extremely unlikely.” But Tedros called for continued probe of each theories, including the anticipation of a laboratory accident.

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