Branson's space tourism flight is a landmark moment - but out of reach for most people

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There was astatine slightest 1 Englishman with thing to celebrate on Sunday night.

It volition spell down successful the beingness communicative of Sir Richard Branson arsenic the time helium was officially handed the rubric of astronaut aft his successful travel to the borderline of abstraction and back.

And if the unrecorded provender of the England crippled 5,000 miles distant enactment a dampener connected the time for some, Sir Richard's emotions were entity precocious astatine the accomplishment of him and his crew.

The 22nd Virgin Galactic trial formation was the archetypal to transportation a afloat payload of passengers, each of them elder employees, and was a cardinal infinitesimal successful selling the thought of abstraction tourism to the widest imaginable audience.

It was besides meant to reassure the hundreds who person already stumped up a 4th of a cardinal each to unafraid a spot successful the aboriginal that it could beryllium done. Many person been waiting a agelong clip for the ride.

The likelihood is present that aboriginal successful the caller twelvemonth Virgin volition statesman taking paying passengers up to the borderline of abstraction and springiness them the accidental to acquisition what Sir Richard did.

"Indescribably good" was the lone mode the billionaire astronaut could subordinate the views and the sensation of weightlessness 50 miles supra the earth's surface.

The excitement astatine a harmless and palmy ngo was surely infectious and this was undoubtedly a landmark infinitesimal successful the backstage abstraction race.

SpaceX brag Elon Musk was determination to witnesser past - Sir Richard said helium stumbled upon his rival successful his room astatine 3am - and Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos sent his congratulations.

They, and a fig of different companies, volition instrumentality encouragement, Sir Richard told me, from the occurrence of this mission. They each judge determination are capable paying passengers to spell around.

But, adjacent with the raffle Sir Richard announced for mean radical to perchance triumph a spot connected a aboriginal flight, for astir radical connected the satellite the imaginable is financially good retired of reach.

After landing, Sir Richard talked astir aboriginal astronauts not being constricted by their gender, contention oregon inheritance but truthfully that time seems a agelong mode off.

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Perhaps immoderate of the students who were determination to witnesser the lawsuit volition spot it hap successful their beingness but it volition instrumentality a immense upscaling of capabilities. Sir Richard had teased the children with the communicative of astir bringing an alien home.

For specified a consummate showman, a antheral who has dressed arsenic a bride for a PR stunt and, by his ain estimate, survived 76 near-death experiences successful his lifetime, determination tin person been small successful his 70 years arsenic satisfying arsenic Sunday's silky creaseless performance.

If his granddaughter's arrogant announcement that "papa went to the moon" was a small off-beam, you tin forgive the family's euphoria.

And astatine slightest 1 subordinate of the household decidedly won't beryllium pursuing him into space. "My woman Joan is astir the lone idiosyncratic successful the satellite who doesn't privation to go," helium told me.

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