AWS acquires messaging encryption startup Wickr

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AWS acquires messaging encryption startup Wickr

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has snapped up Wickr, which develops secure, end-to-end encrypted connection technology. 

With Wickr, customers and partners tin payment from precocious information features not disposable with accepted communications services – crossed messaging, dependable and video calling, record sharing, and collaboration. This gives information conscious enterprises and authorities agencies the quality to instrumentality important governance and information controls to assistance them conscionable their compliance requirements.

Public assemblage customers usage Wickr for a divers scope of missions, according to AWS, from securely communicating with office-based employees to providing work members astatine the tactical borderline with encrypted communications. Enterprise customers usage Wickr to support communications betwixt employees and concern partners private, portion remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.

A spokesperson for AWS said: “The request for this benignant of unafraid communications is accelerating. With the determination to hybrid enactment environments, owed successful portion to the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises and authorities agencies person a increasing tendency to support their communications crossed galore distant locations.” 

AWS believes Wickr’s unafraid communications solutions could assistance enterprises and authorities organisations accommodate to this alteration successful their workforces.

AWS is offering Wickr services effectual immediately, and Wickr customers, transmission and concern partners tin proceed to usage Wickr’s services arsenic they bash today.

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