Australia reports first COVID-19 death this year, highest daily cases

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COVID-19 lockdown arsenic  outbreak of caller   cases affects Sydney FILE PHOTO: A pedestrian crosses an unusually quiescent thoroughfare successful the metropolis centre during a lockdown to curb the dispersed of the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) successful Sydney, Australia, July 5, 2021. REUTERS/Loren Elliott

11 Jul 2021 10:09AM (Updated: 11 Jul 2021 11:08AM)

MELBOURNE: Australia reported its archetypal coronavirus-related decease of the twelvemonth connected Sunday (Jul 11) and a 2021 grounds 77 caller cases of the microorganism successful the authorities of New South Wales, which is battling an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant.

State Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the numbers successful and astir the country's biggest metropolis Sydney, already nether a hard lockdown, are expected to rise.

"I'll beryllium shocked if it's little than 100 this clip tomorrow, of further caller cases," Berejiklian told a televised briefing.

On Saturday determination were 50 cases, the erstwhile 2021 grounds high. The caller outbreak stands astatine 566 cases.

Of Sunday's cases, 33 were radical who had spent clip successful the assemblage portion they were infectious, raising the likelihood that the three-week lockdown of much than 5 cardinal radical successful Sydney and surroundings volition beryllium extended.

"Given wherever we're astatine and fixed the lockdown was expected to beryllium lifted connected Friday, everybody tin archer it's highly improbable astatine this stage," Berejiklian said.

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There are 52 cases successful hospital, oregon astir 1 successful 10 radical infected successful the existent outbreak. Fifteen radical are successful intensive care, 5 necessitate ventilation. The death, the country's archetypal locally contracted lawsuit since December, progressive a pistillate successful her 90s.

Australia has fared overmuch amended than galore different developed countries successful keeping its COVID-19 numbers comparatively low, seeing conscionable implicit 31,000 cases since the commencement of the pandemic and 911 deaths.

The vaccination roll-out, however, has been sluggish owed to proviso constraints and changing aesculapian proposal for its mainstay AstraZeneca shots.

Vaccinations are disposable for present lone to radical implicit 40 and groups astatine hazard either owed to their wellness oregon vulnerability to the microorganism astatine work. Of those hospitalised successful Sydney, 11 are nether the property of 35 and much than three-quarters of the patients person not had immoderate doses, wellness authorities said.

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