AP looks inside China's largest detention center in Xinjiang

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China's largest detention halfway is doubly the size of Vatican City and has country for astatine slightest 10,000 inmates

July 22, 2021, 5:28 AM

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DABANCHENG, China -- The Uyghur inmates sat successful azygous rows with their legs crossed successful lotus presumption and their backs ramrod straight, numbered and tagged, gazing astatine a tv playing grainy black-and-white images of Chinese Communist Party history.

This is 1 of an estimated 240 cells successful conscionable 1 conception of Urumqi No. 3 Detention Center successful Dabancheng, seen by Associated Press journalists granted bonzer entree during a state-led circuit to China’s acold westbound Xinjiang region. The detention halfway is the largest successful the state and perchance the world, with a analyzable that sprawls implicit 220 acres — making it doubly arsenic ample arsenic Vatican City. A motion astatine the beforehand identified it arsenic a “kanshousuo,” a pre-trial detention facility.

Chinese officials declined to accidental however galore inmates were there, saying the fig varied. But the AP estimated the halfway could clasp astir 10,000 radical and galore much if crowded, based connected outer imagery and the cells and benches seen during the tour. While the BBC and Reuters person successful the past reported from the outside, the AP was the archetypal Western media enactment allowed in.

This tract suggests that China inactive holds and plans to clasp immense numbers of Uyghurs and different mostly Muslim minorities successful detention. Satellite imagery shows that caller buildings stretching astir a mile agelong were added to the Dabancheng detention installation successful 2019.

China has described its sweeping lockup of a cardinal oregon much minorities implicit the past 4 years arsenic a “war against terror,” aft a bid of knifings and bombings by a tiny fig of extremist Uyghurs autochthonal to Xinjiang. Among its astir arguable aspects were the alleged vocational “training centers” – described by erstwhile detainees arsenic brutal internment camps surrounded by barbed ligament and equipped guards.

China astatine archetypal denied their existence, and then, nether dense planetary criticism, said successful 2019 that each the occupants had “graduated.” But the AP’s sojourn to Dabancheng, outer imagery and interviews with experts and erstwhile detainees suggest that portion galore “training centers” were so closed, immoderate similar this 1 were simply converted into prisons oregon pre-trial detention facilities. Many caller facilities person besides been built, including a caller 85-acre detention halfway down the roadworthy from No. 3 successful Dabancheng that went up implicit 2019, outer imagery shows.

The changes look to beryllium an effort to determination from the makeshift and extrajudicial “training centers” into a much imperishable strategy of prisons and pre-trial detention facilities justified nether the law. While immoderate Uyghurs person been released, others person simply been moved into this situation network.

However, researchers accidental guiltless radical were often thrown successful detention for things similar going overseas oregon attending spiritual gatherings. Darren Byler, an anthropologist studying the Uyghurs astatine the University of Colorado, noted that galore prisoners person not committed “real crimes by immoderate standards,” and that they spell done a “show” proceedings without owed process.

“We’re moving from a constabulary authorities to a wide incarceration state. Hundreds of thousands of radical person disappeared from the population,” said Darren Byler, an anthropologist studying the Uyghurs astatine the University of Colorado. “It’s the criminalization of mean behavior.”

During the April circuit of No. 3 successful Dabancheng, officials repeatedly distanced it from the “training centers” that Beijing claims to person closed.

“There was nary transportation betwixt our detention halfway and the grooming centers,” insisted Urumqi Public Security Bureau manager Zhao Zhongwei. “There’s ne'er been 1 astir here.”

They besides said the No. 3 halfway was impervious of China’s committedness to rehabilitation and the regularisation of law, with inmates provided blistery meals, exercise, entree to ineligible counsel and televised classes lecturing them connected their crimes. Rights are protected, officials say, and lone lawbreakers request interest astir detention.

“See, the BBC study said this was a re-education camp. It’s not - it’s a detention center,” said Liu Chang, an authoritative with the overseas ministry.

However, contempt the claims of officials, the grounds shows No. 3 was so an internment camp. A Reuters representation of the entranceway successful September 2018 shows that the installation utilized to beryllium called the “Urumqi Vocational Skills Education and Training Center”. Publicly disposable documents collected by Shawn Zhang, a instrumentality pupil successful Canada, corroborate that a halfway by the aforesaid sanction was commissioned to beryllium built astatine the aforesaid determination successful 2017.

Records besides amusement that Chinese conglomerate Hengfeng Information Technology won an $11 cardinal declaration for outfitting the “Urumqi grooming center”. A antheral who answered a fig for Hengfeng confirmed the institution had taken portion successful the operation of the “training center,” but Hengfeng did not respond to further requests for comment.

A erstwhile operation contractor who visited the Dabancheng installation successful 2018 told the AP that it was the aforesaid arsenic the “Urumqi Vocational Skills Education and Training Center,” and had been converted to a detention installation successful 2019, with the nameplate switched. He declined to beryllium named for fearfulness of retaliation against his family.

“All the erstwhile students wrong became prisoners,” helium said.

The immense analyzable is ringed by 25-feet-tall factual walls painted blue, watchtowers, and humming electrical wire. Officials led AP journalists done the main entrance, past face-scanning turnstiles and rifle-toting guards successful subject camouflage.

In 1 country of the compound, masked inmates sat successful rigid formation. Most appeared to beryllium Uyghur. Zhu Hongbin, the center’s director, rapped connected 1 of the cell’s windows.

“They’re wholly unbreakable,” helium said, his dependable muffled beneath head-to-toe aesculapian gear.

At the power room, unit gazed astatine a wall-to-wall, God’s-eye show of immoderate 2 twelve screens streaming footage from each cell. Another sheet played programming from authorities broadcaster CCTV, which Zhu said was being shown to the inmates.

“We power what they watch,” Zhu said. “We tin spot if they’re breaking regulations, oregon if they mightiness wounded oregon termination themselves.”

The halfway besides screens video classes, Zhu said, to thatch them astir their crimes.

“They request to beryllium taught wherefore it’s atrocious to termination people, wherefore it’s atrocious to steal,” Zhu said.

Twenty-two rooms with chairs and computers let inmates to chat with lawyers, relatives, and constabulary via video, arsenic they are strapped to their seats. Down the corridor, an bureau houses a subdivision of the Urumqi prosecutor’s office, successful different motion of the power to a ceremonial situation system.

A adjacent aesculapian country contains a gurney, a vessel of oxygen and a furniture stocked with medicine. Guidelines hanging connected the partition instruct unit connected the due protocol to woody with sick inmates – and besides to force-feed inmates connected hunger strikes by inserting tubes up their noses.

Zhao, the different official, said inmates are held for 15 days to a twelvemonth earlier proceedings depending connected their suspected crime, and the ineligible process is the aforesaid arsenic successful the remainder of China. He said the halfway was built to location inmates distant from the metropolis due to the fact that of information concerns.

Urumqi No. 3 Detention Center is comparable successful size to Rikers Island successful New York City, but the portion serves little than 4 cardinal radical compared to astir 20 cardinal for Rikers. At slightest 3 different detention centers are sprinkled crossed Urumqi, on with 10 oregon much prisons.

The No. 3 halfway did not look to beryllium astatine afloat capacity; 1 conception was closed, officials said, and six to 10 inmates sat successful each cell, taking up lone fractional the benches. But the latest authoritative authorities statistic available, for 2019, amusement that determination were astir doubly arsenic galore arrests successful Xinjiang that twelvemonth than earlier the crackdown started successful 2017. Hundreds of thousands person been sentenced to prison, galore to presumption of 5 years oregon more.

Xu Guixiang, a Xinjiang spokesperson, called the higher incarceration rates “severe measures” successful the “war against terror.”

“Of course, during this process, the fig of radical sentenced successful accordance with the instrumentality volition increase. This is simply a factual denotation of our enactment efficiency,” Xu said. “By taking these measures, terrorists are much apt to beryllium brought to justice.”

But galore relatives of those imprisoned accidental they were sentenced connected spurious charges, and experts caution that the opacity of the Xinjiang ineligible strategy is simply a reddish flag. Although China makes ineligible records easy accessible otherwise, astir 90 percent of transgression records successful Xinjiang are not public. The fistful which person leaked amusement that immoderate are charged with “terrorism” oregon “separatism” for acts fewer would see criminal, specified arsenic informing colleagues against watching porn and swearing, oregon praying successful prison.

Researcher Gene Bunin recovered that Uyghurs were made to motion confessions for what the authorities called “terrorist activities.” Some were subsequently released, including 1 detained successful the Dabancheng facility, a comparative told The Associated Press, declining to beryllium named to debar retribution against the erstwhile detainee.

Others were not. Police reports obtained by the Intercept item the lawsuit of 8 Uyghurs successful 1 Urumqi vicinity detained successful the “Dabancheng” installation successful 2017 for speechmaking spiritual texts, installing filesharing applications, oregon simply being an “untrustworthy person”. In precocious 2018, the reports show, prosecutors summoned them to makeshift meetings and sentenced them to 2 to 5 years of “study.”

AP journalists did not witnesser immoderate signs of torture oregon beating astatine the facility, and were incapable to talk straight to immoderate erstwhile oregon existent detainees. But a Uyghur who had fled Xinjiang, Zumret Dawut, said a now-deceased person who worked astatine Dabancheng had witnessed attraction truthful brutal that she fainted. The friend, Paride Amati, said she had seen a brace of teens forced to motion confessions claiming they were progressive successful coercion portion studying successful Egypt, and their tegument had been beaten bloody and raw.

A teacher astatine the Dabancheng installation besides called it “worse than hell,” according to a workfellow astatine a antithetic camp, Qelbinur Sedick. The teacher said that during classes she could perceive the sounds of radical being tortured with electrical batons and robust chairs, according to Sedick.

Accounts of conditions successful detention centers elsewhere successful Xinjiang alteration widely: immoderate picture restrictive conditions but nary carnal abuse, portion others accidental they were tortured. Such accounts are hard to verify independently, and the Xinjiang authorities contradict each allegations of abuse.

Chinese officials besides proceed to contradict that they are holding Uyghurs connected mendacious charges. Down the roadworthy from the No. 3 center, precocious walls and defender towers were disposable successful the aforesaid determination arsenic the caller detention installation shown successful outer imagery.

When asked what it was, officials pleaded ignorance.

“We don’t cognize what it is,” they said.

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