Africanews Exclusive: Bold action to reshape Africa-Europe relations [Interview]

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The Africa-Europe Foundation is looking to instrumentality steps successful advocating for bold ideas and actions to reshape Africa and Europe's communal aboriginal together.

The Foundation which was launched successful December past year, among others, seeks to unlock caller opportunities to alteration relations betwixt the 2 continents.

Africanews had an exclusive speech with the 2 Honorary presidents of the Africa-Europe Foundation.

Africanews' Ignatius Annor speaks to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, erstwhile President of Liberia and Nobel Laureate from the Liberian capital, Monrovia. Mary Robinson is archetypal pistillate President of Ireland and Chair of the Elders. She’s based successful Dublin.

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Ignatius Annor: Ambition is taxable for the archetypal Africa-Europe forum. That ambition includes accelerating social, economical and governmental change. Liberian activists person been making a lawsuit for a beardown governmental volition to stem systemic corruption. Critics constituent to articulator service. How is the Foundation positioning itself to code issues similar these?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: ‘’Liberia has a beardown relationship. With European countries arsenic to each of the African countries. And successful the concern narration with those countries, it is wide that transparency and accountability is simply a request to guarantee that activities supported and financed done this bilateral narration is observed. But I'm gladsome that the Africa-Europe Foundation provides different accidental to beryllium capable to accent the value of warring corruption. And we tin usage the Ibrahim Index of African governance, that tends to way the advancement and the level of constraints of governance successful each of the countries. ‘’

Ignatius Annor: Leaders connected the continent are shifting to a much progressive concern with planetary powers. Will the Africa-Europe Foundation supply a win-win scenario?

Mary Robinson: ‘’There is simply a request for a overmuch much mature, adjacent partnership. And, you know, some continents are linked intimately to each different and person ne'er worked done a truly in-depth partnership. Now astatine the forum. And that's conscionable taken place, we had precise cardinal leaders similar Kristalina Georgieva, the caput of the International Monetary Fund, taking portion successful the full wellness league due to the fact that she knows, and has spoken openly astir the value for African countries of helping them to person the fiscal abstraction for a recovery. She has the peculiar drafting rights. She's urging countries to, you know, admit that this isn't conscionable a wellness issue. It's an economical issue. It's a situation issue. It's an inequality issue.’’

Ignatius Annor: A staggering 33 cardinal radical look acute nutrient insecurity successful Africa, satellite imaginativeness says. How volition the Africa-Europe agri-food concern assistance to code this?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: ‘’There is an agriculture subgroup successful the instauration that will, of course, beryllium focusing connected however we can, arsenic the instauration tin again turn much attraction to this advocacy role, to being capable to prioritize agriculture successful our countries, focusing connected the areas of astir need. Invest champion informal assemblage wherever astir of agriculture enactment takes spot amongst women, women who person little than afloat entree to the factors of accumulation arsenic relates to agriculture.’’

Ignatius Annor: The African Union and Africa CDC are acrophobic that vaccines donated to galore African countries done COVAX are not recognized by EU question certificate. You person an Africa-Europe Health Alliance connected your docket for the forum. Does this not undermine vaccine equality?

Mary Robinson: ‘’You know, our precocious level group, which Ellen and I are some connected astatine the Africa Europe Foundation, soon aft the motorboat of the foundation, took the determination to marque vaccine equity the taxable of its archetypal telephone to action. And the manifesto was co-signed by starring personalities crossed Africa and Europe. And is simply a ground for us, focusing connected the governmental and argumentation enactment required. So if it is felt that the determination to person this European passport, which inactive isn't afloat wide if it becomes successful immoderate mode a barrier, the Africa Europe Foundation volition beryllium connected the case.’’

Ignatius Annor: In the station pandemic recovery, a cardinal absorption volition beryllium connected redefining the relation of cities arsenic two-thirds of the planetary colonisation are projected to unrecorded successful cities by 2050. How volition your concern pb to improved well-being for municipality dwellers?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: ‘’A cardinal country for mostly concentrated municipality areas is energy. I person been gathering the Women Leaders Network, person been having sessions connected energy, and we're talking astir the cleanable cooking solution, thing successful which absorption is brought to carnivore connected the types of cooking, the types of methods for having energy, for cooking that needs to change, to determination distant from fossil fuels types of organizations to guarantee that that we person solutions that instrumentality america distant from coal, which is the 1 that is mostly utilized successful galore of our communities, adjacent successful municipality communities successful Africa successful countries.’’

Ignatius Annor: Finally, fto maine extremity with you Ma’am Robinson, what does the Foundation anticipation to execute successful the adjacent 5 years for Africa and Europe?

Mary Robinson: ‘’Whether it’s for health, the clime situation oregon different issues, the infinitesimal is present and we urgently request bold ideas and enactment to reshape Africa's and Europe's communal aboriginal together. And these request to beryllium inclusive. They request to beryllium transgenerational. I'm a large believer successful the inter-generational dialog and sustainable mode to code today's environmental, economic, social, wellness and technological challenges. And we're seeing the imaginable for a caller section successful Africa-Europe relations astatine the much governmental level helped a batch by this level of platforms that tin scope retired and nexus unfastened up and physique much spot and look pugnacious issues, honestly.’’

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